Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I've been AWOL

Sorry ... there haven't been many blog posts from me over the last few weeks.
It does get in the way sometimes!

I'm hoping that by Monday we will be settled and sorted in our new house and life can return to normal. The last few weeks have been a tad on the busy/crazy/disjointed/distracted side.
Actually Monday might be a bit on the optimistic side ... Tuesday and Wednesday will be pretty much written off with appointments. Oh well, shit happens.

No news re-Ngaio Marsh at this point. There is supposed to be a Murder in the Library event coming up in the Wellington Region soonish - I'll keep you posted.

My publishers are talking about trying to get my books printed in NZ. That will be interesting. I'll be talking to NY later this morning. Exciting times!

Meanwhile we are in shifting house mode ... everything useful is packed. The weather has turned to utter shite and is apparently going to be like that until next week!

Tomorrow is the big day. Keys today. That'll be nice.

And Breezy is home sick. I discovered her on the dogs bed (with the dog) at 6:15 this morning. I did hear her go to the bathroom at 5:30. So she'd been up since then. She's currently fast asleep on the couch. I imagine she'll be asleep for awhile yet.

Next time you hear from me, I'll be back at my desk (I hope) hahaha

Hop over here and check out this discussion, it's most entertaining stuff.

What are the best bands for writing thrillers?

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