Thursday, April 9, 2015

What's new Pussycat?

This is the last blog from me for a while ... lucky you!

I'll be otherwise occupied from tomorrow until the end of the school holidays. So, make the most of this. :)

Because I have a horrible feeling I'm going to forget to put the trailer for Eraserbyte on a flashdrive for the library to play tomorrow night ... I'm going to put both trailers in here. At least then it should be a simple matter of accessing my blog to play them. :)

I've got Eraserbyte on my phone ... because I got my e copies before you  it's release tomorrow. The formating is stunning. It's just beautiful. The inside cover art - gorgeous. You're in for a treat folks. And the story is pretty freaking good too. :)

This afternoon I'm off with daughter #3 to help her find something to wear tomorrow night to the book launch ... which means I get baby cuddles today. Yay.
Also have a few things on my list to get sorted as well.

The Knight arrives in the morning. I'm going to work with Marian tomorrow - well - kinda ... I'm going into town with her early so I can meet The Knight at the airport! Exciting!!!

If you're in the Wellington Region and want to have some fun ... the Upper Hutt Library is hosting the launch of Eraserbyte tomorrow night. (6:45PM, there is wine and cake!) I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to say ... I really should either flick the doc file to my phone or print it, so I have my notes. It's on the list - along with gather the promo material and take the cake!
Just realised my tote bag never arrived!
I better chase that up.

This is the final trailer as created by Caoilfhionn:

This is the first trailer:

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