Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Star Star

Good morning (sudden urge to add Vietnam) ...

It's 9 days until the launch and ERASERBYTE is available for preorder now on Smashwords and Amazon.  It'll be delivered on April 10. :)

First night in our new beds last night. They are super comfy. Think I need to get some fitted sheets though or my bed will end up wrecked every morning.
Admin One arrived just at the right time to help assemble the slat beds yesterday. They weren't hard so much as a wee bit tricky getting the nuts on a few bolts. And needed a drill for the screws. Admin sorted it. She's amazing ... oddly a bottle of wine also appeared in the fridge. (Admin magic!)
We earned that thirst!
Gotta say PK Furniture are fabulous. My bed head was chipped and the replacement arrived within the hour - now that's service! Also, the delivery guys were great. I imagine I'll see them next week when my bedsides and chest arrive.

Few things I need to organise now for my room - bedside lamps and fitted sheets.
Think that might be an Easter thing.

Have a few bits shit ton of cardboard rubbish now ... and two single bed bases and a broken double bed frame and mattress (that weighs so much I suspect it does contain dead bodies) to get rid of. Currently they're in my office - and I'm using the dining room table! I kept a lot of the bubble wrap to wrap Wonder Woman's dinner set in. (Better than newspaper!)

Just realised I didn't have the radio on. Oh, yeah, that's the other thing I want for my room ... a clock radio.  Better add that to the list.

Been a good week!
Excited about next week.
Really excited about next Friday. REALLY.

I think I might go get the kids up. Kept sicko Breezy home yesterday. The Girl Wonder should've stayed home too, but she can't afford to take time off in year 12.

My body hurts.
It's from moving furniture yesterday - plus a few bruises from the new beds. :)
Need to play Tetris with lounge furniture today - that'll be fun?
Not sure where exactly to move the couches too (temporarily before they get tossed in a skip and are gone forever).
Hmmm, pondering that.
Should've figured it out last night - so the girls could help.

Right - on with the day. :)

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