Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Just real quick ...

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Ours was okayish.
Got a bit accomplished - my office become a dumping ground for stuff waiting to either be dumped or packed, so I got stuck into that and sorted a lot of it out. It's now ready to pack and won't be as bad as I thought. :)

Started knitting a sleeveless pullover for The Knight on Sunday evening ... it's progressing quicker than I thought and it's fun. Haven't really knitted anything for years (apart from baby things). I've never knitted anything plain black before either. No pattern either - just measurements. I'm kinda writing the pattern as I go. :)

Apparently there is a new photo app on my Mac. Just spotted the notification in the corner of the screen. Might play with that later then.
Such fun.

Breezy will be excited about the rain. She was dead set on 'gumboot shoes' because she hates actual gumboots and then discovered that she's now big enough to fit adult size 5 shoes ... and she fitted the leopard print gumboot shoes she's been coveting. So, today, gumboot shoes. Hilarious.

Bit of flooding about today according to the news. No doubt that'll make the walk more fun. Going to insist Romeo comes with us. He has a rain proof coat - he'll be fine.

Guess I better get on with it ...
check this out ...

the new covers!

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