Monday, April 6, 2015

Hot Stuff

Sticking with the Rolling Stones thing here. :)

Had a strange moment just before - I signed into Blogger (as I always do) only it wasn't me who was signed in it was Ellie. Took a bit to get rid of her too! Jeez.
I canned her Blogger account over a year ago because it was too much trying to keep up with her shit and mine. God knows why her log in was on this machine ... it was never used for her accounts. Ah the joy of computers and the whole world being interconnected.

It's Easter Monday.

The weekend is almost over and was actually really good. I spent Thursday with Admin One - and got to visit the Admins new property "Margaritaville" over in Greytown (or thereabouts). Just beautiful! Also - won the giant easter bunny chocolate raffle at my pharmacy so that was super exciting! And Thimbles and Threads had 30% off everything ... I needed 10 meters of calico. Done! The Admins and The Oracle were here for tea (yeah I'm calling it tea) on Thursday night and that started the weekend off beautifully! Chocolate and wine were consumed at an alarming rate - but that was less alarming than the photos of Admin Bubbles and I with the big chocolate bunny. They have since been deleted in the interest of good taste. :)

On with the weekend ... I made a new duvet cover for my new bed. That was somewhat awkward to be honest. I don't have a cutting table (or anywhere to put one) so had to move furniture to cut the lengths required on the living room floor. 2.10m by 1.50m twice is a lot of fabric to handle - and that was just the top. Painting it was fun. I started out with it on the washing line ... it was too windy for that. So ended up with it on the driveway held down by a book in each corner - while I squirted fabric ink at it. That was fun. Purple, magenta, and gold. Had to stay with it while it dried to keep the cat next door from adding her footprints to my duvet.
Once it was dry it needed to be heat set ... yes that means ironed. I don't have an ironing board and for some reason known to no one I didn't think to use the dining room table. Instead, I struggled trying to iron it on the kitchen bench. Not the cleverest thing to do and it took ages. Once it was ironed I sewed the top to the back and added velcro closures. Sorted! Also made two matching pillowcases.
I'm recovering the lounge cushions too. As much as I love the forensic cushion covers I feel like it's time for a change, so we're going gold. Maybe an angel sigil or two.

As you can tell, it's been a creative weekend. And fun. I think there might be gold ink on the kitchen ceiling ... I shall investigate that later.

The Admins and The Oracle took a copy each of NHH and a highlighter when they left on Thursday night. They're proof reading for me. Actually they're finding the screw-ups I've missed and the weird POV issues brought about by writing something third person and then re-writing it as first. When I get their reports I shall go through the MS and fix it before sending it to the UK publisher who has requested the full. Nice.
Still not sure what will become of NHH. But I feel there could be another story in the wings ... set over the hill. I'd like to explore that possibility.

Last night I talked to Superman. It's two years today since Wonder Woman passed away. This weekend was better than expected. Moments of thinking about our last weekend as a family two years ago interspersed with the joy that is life. Life wins. Superman and I are doing great.

This week is busy. So busy.
The Boy Wonder and his gorgeous partner arrive home from Sydney on Wednesday some time for a holiday. (Yes I did time the launch of Eraserbyte to coincide with a few important people's arrival back in NZ.)
The Knight arrives early on Friday morning.
The launch of Eraserbyte happens on Friday evening at Upper Hutt Library. That's super exciting. I'm still in that place when I'm sure no one will turn up but apart from that ... and not having anyone lined up to do a reading ... it's all good.

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