Sunday, March 15, 2015

When the Rainbow Comes.

At the moment, waiting seems to be my thing.
A lot is in progress ... so I'm waiting!

There's nothing much I can do in the meantime except wait. My part is done. That's both good and a tad frustrating. :)

I'm not really writing either - working on Sam's story, progress is slow, Sam is hard to write.

Writer's Plot are working on romance stories for the second WP short story collection. Not sure how much progress they're making, will find out later.

Think I have a few ideas - when it comes to content of WP today. That might depend on me actually typing some notes. ha!

It's Sunday now.
Turns out I did have ideas for WP and delivered them. :) We discussed high-concept stories (because now I know what that actually means, thanks Mark).
I went over some short-story writing tips because everyone is supposed to be writing short stories at the moment. Also, answered a couple of formatting queries.
Part of the criteria (that will be enforced by the  submission board) is formatting - it's good to get some clarity.
Not sure how thrilled Leon was to find out that I'm his crit partner. :)
Was a fun session as always. Kinda annoying that there seemed to be so many noisy squawky kids down our section of the library - usually people keep away from us (wise).
More fun was had afterwards with The Oracle at a cafe. Two pitchers of punch ... such fun. We were pixied.

Long phone call with The Knight last night (that's quite normal - happens almost every night) ... think I have an idea now for the romance challenge - yes those things are related. (Not the way you think, though.)

Sharing this because it made me laugh.
And after the wasp incident we had the other week ....  well, enough said really.

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