Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sister Morphine

It's Saturday.
That means it's two weeks and 6 days until April 10.
And this .... Your invite

What fun!
Admins are currently away at Horse of the Year. There will be some catching up to do when they get back. Been a busy few weeks. A lot going on and a lot about to happen.

My diary starts out looking quite manageable on a Monday morning but by midday the week is awash with things that need doing and stuff the kids are doing. I'm questioning my cleverness in opting for a weekly planner instead of a page per day (like I always used to get).

This afternoon I'm catching up on an online marketing seminar. Hopefully it'll be interesting and I'll get something usable from it. Yep, that's what my Saturday looks like.

Talked to Superman yesterday. Pretty sure we've talked a few times this week. He rang when they had guests in, earlier in the week. That was fun. I just Googled one of the guests and found out who he is. Yep, an actor. And no, I'm not telling you who (he's a Brit).
Superman said he had a great voice and that intrigued me, so I Googled. :)

Not writing much at the moment - hanging for the new computer. That's next weeks joy! And joy it will be. Going Macbook Pro ... saying goodbye to HP and Compaq - kinda sad really, they've been great over the years, especially their support department.
Laptop needs replacing (it's past it's use by date now) and I have the opportunity to get a Mac ... The Knight and I are enamored with our iPhones and that's started the transition to Apple for me.
Yes I am coveting the iWatch. It's tempting. So very very tempting. Not out yet ... so we'll see how I feel when it does come out (I think that's around April 10 too?). It might be my birthday present this year - it might be an early birthday present. :)
I'll probably talk myself out of it - justifying it might be a bit hard!!

Was also looking at Kindle Fire. Let's blame Eric for that. He just replaced his Kindle with a Fire. It's ever so pretty. Nice seeing book covers in color. Nice seeing mine on it in color. (Yes, it's all about me ... get used to it!)
I like my Kindle and I'm really not considering upgrading it, at this point. I like having the keyboard, although I do find myself swiping the screen and wondering why nothing is happening. :)

Last night I was at a second book launch for "September Showdown" and political satire by John Terris. Really interesting talk by cartoonist  Paul Ekers. Love his work! He even captured The Girl Wonder's interest. She enjoyed hearing Paul speak about his work and enjoyed the presentation. Best of all she understood the political cartoons and found them as funny as I did.

Time is racing on ... I better get moving.

Stay frosty.

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