Wednesday, March 18, 2015


On a bit of a Stones kick at the moment. That's not unusual at all. Have always loved the Rolling Stones. They've been around all my life so it's kinda comfort music. I'm pretty sure that's a thing. Just like comfort food. Comfort food feeds the body but comfort music feeds the soul.

Am in full on countdown mode now.
Things are being added to my list every day.
It's good.
Panic hasn't set in yet. Maybe it won't this year? (Yep, that made me laugh.)

Last night I wrote about a paragraph in Sam's story. It's THAT slow. I need to sit my ass down and just do it. Maybe find that list of music that belongs to my characters and listen to the stuff that reminds me of Sam. (Or go watch some NCIS LA ... the closest person to my Sam would be LL Cool J.)
FYI my Sam existed well before NCIS LA.

Hmmm, I don't have a final version of ERASERBYTE yet.
Was going to include an excerpt here ... I still will but it's not from the final version.

Chapter Eight.
I met a boy.

“I need authorization for a civilian to conduct surveillance for us,” I said, sitting on the edge of Caine’s desk and sliding the paperwork across to him.

Caine read the name on the paperwork, “Mitch Iverson.”


“Clearance?” he asked.

“Defense. TS/SCI.”

“You said civilian.” His eyes met mine. A distracting twitch in the corner of Caine’s mouth caught my eye. Stress.

“He is. His company has a contract to develop some hardware for our military.”

“I see.”

“Just do it …” I said with a smile.

“Keep him out of the line of fire, Ellie. A lawsuit we don’t need.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Caine twitched again. “I want a protective detail with him. Delta A is down two.”

I saw that coming. “I’d be happy to ask for volunteers from SWAT.”

* * *

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