Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Moonlight Mile

Morning (or whatever it is for you when you read this).

It's Tuesday - time is showing no inclination to slow down. We're hurtling toward the release day for ERASERBYTE. I'm quite happy about that, as long as time slows down that day and stays slow for the two weeks following it. I think it will. It does tend to when I'm with The Knight. Always has, even when we were teenagers.

So, what have you all been up to?

It's been hectic and then quiet and then hectic again here.

All the promo stuff arrived yesterday morning. Yay. Looks amazing. Happy happy joy joy in all directions. Something special also arrived and is now framed in the living room. New art. Love it. It's truly fabulous. Even The Girl Wonder said it was indeed art. (Which means me and The Knight are art? Yes, I do believe that's exactly what it means.)

What else?
Not writing (no matter how much I want to) at the moment. Planning on picking up new computer tomorrow and then the writing will start up again. Might take a bit of getting used to, for starters it's smaller than this laptop (but much more powerful), using a smaller keyboard might take some adjusting but I know it won't take me long. New software might take a bit longer. I've decided to trial new software, because this is the perfect opportunity to do so. If I hate it after a week (a reasonable trial length, I think) then I'll get Office for Mac and go back to the familiar.

Was in Typo yesterday briefly. New drink bottles were purchased. They're pretty awesome! I paused at the large notebooks ... and considered getting one. I used one of their giant sized notebooks when I was writing PSYCHOBYTE and it was awesome. Has pockets in the dividers - perfect place for those loose bits of paper I tend to accumulate while writing. (Random notes that get scrawled on anything I can lay my hands on.)
Hmmm, the fact that I'm still thinking about the notebook I saw means - I really am going to be writing soon and that I'll probably get one of the notebooks when I'm in Lower Hutt tomorrow.

Today is a busy day but more of a Mum type busy day. Baking needs to happen. :) The Girl Wonder has a field trip tomorrow and will need more lunch than usual. Have the urge to bake gingerbread, so I think I might!

Romeo woke me up at 5 this morning. He's learned how to let himself out of the living area. It's taken him some years to figure it out - he used to have to get the cat to open the door properly for him but now he pulls it open himself - but just far enough that he can jump over his food box and out the gap in the door. For a dog who has always hated small gaps, that's pretty impressive.

This was last night ...

March 23rd. Breezy and Romeo

Breezy and Romeo

the kid and her dog


Think this is my favorite

Breezy 9. Romeo 8.5

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