Monday, March 9, 2015

It's a Highwaymen day

Welcome to Monday. :)

It's been busy so far.
Baking for the kids school lunches, designing posters, and regular housework type stuff.
Pretty fun actually.
Well, apart from the houseworky stuff. That's a necessary evil.

The Girl Wonder wants me to write another Sam and Dean story (yes, she means the Supernatural Sam and Dean) ... I wrote one last year for a WP challenge, was a lot of fun to do.
She broached the subject the other night and started by telling me how good I was at it. That was clever!
My reaction was probably a wee bit disheartening for her. "Yeah maybe." (Which pretty much means, no.)
I thought it was a one time thing - because I was writing a story about long pork and it just kinda worked to use Sam and Dean as characters and it sort of happened more by accident than design. There was a criteria, they walked in and wouldn't leave ... and fitted the criteria. I know enough not to argue with characters. Especially after the hell Sister Mary Margaret put me through. That bitch needed exorcising.


Pretty sure I was making a cuppa - about an hour ago!

I can see that it's going to be one of those days.

The Knight is rapidly working his way through my work. Thought I had it timed so he'd run out of reading material just before he arrived here. Wrong.
He might have a few weeks with nothing to read at this rate. :)

This always makes me smile:

Now the little voice in my head sounds like William Shatner.

Guess. I. Best. Get. Back. To. Work.

Talking to year 12's at UHC on Wednesday - I need notes. :)
I have pages of scrawl to assemble into coherent sentences.

Check out the pages for exacerbyte, flashbyte, and soundbyte ... the new cover images are worth seeing!!

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