Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fingerprint File

Hope you all have had a great Saturday.

Ours is a house of sickness at the moment - the kids have incubated and mutated a virus. It's now their's and truly evil. Also, they've spread it to me.
Sharing the love. I was okay without their super mutated love, really, I was.
Subsequently today is not really happening like it should.
I was late to Writer's Plot ... hate being late. To be fair though it's quite a long walk into town and it was raining but very warm, I'm sick, and I had to sort out new beds before I left. (New beds ... super exciting!)
And we didn't do any writing related anything apart from me catching up on where everyone is with their romance stories. I really wasn't up to doing anything and we were all happy talking and catching up with each other.
David was there. Yay! Two hugs. I've missed his presence and input on Saturdays.

It's been a week of newness. Gotta love it. They don't happen very often.

This is the first blog post written on my new MacBook ... no more swearing at my laptop and having to wait forever and a day for files to open. I'm enjoying the new machine! It's fabulous.
Yeah I'm not going back to a laptop again.
Now The Knight wants a Mac.
We're fully converted to the Apple way.

I'm watching the grandsons play lego with their Auntie Breezy. Yes, real lego not a computerised version. Old school. :)

Gave the Hound a thrill tonight - fish and chips is his favorite tea ever. He was so excited he turned around and around in circles in the kitchen while I tore the fish up for him.
The cat got some too. They ate together as they always do. They're cute.

I started writing yesterday - was fun, writing on Mac. Yes, the machine has a name - it's the new Mac. (because the old one died ... terrorbyte reference.)

Guess I better get these kids ready for bed. The Girl Wonder and I are starting Supernatural season 9 tonight. (The sooner the kids go to bed the better!)

Thirteen days until the launch of eraserbyte and until The Knight arrives. That's going to be one crazy exciting day!

Right ... this then because it's true:

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