Thursday, March 12, 2015

Far Away Eyes

As if by magic it's Thursday already.
Time is flying. Even as I sit here drinking my quad espresso - time is flying. I really hope it slows down a bit come April 10.

Four weeks and one day.

Yesterday I was at Upper Hutt College talking to year 11 and year 12's about creative writing. (I know a little bit about it.)
Last night as I fell asleep I thought of some things I should've told them, important things ...

"Don't be afraid to suck. Everything can be fixed. Do the best you can at that moment and remember it was the best you could do at that moment. We all have to start somewhere."

I could blame migraine meds for forgetting to tell them a few things - but I didn't have a migraine when I made my notes. :)

Was looking forward to picking up my bracelet from the jeweler this week - but was told yesterday it won't be ready for another week. Bugger.

I can still hear Ellie talking in my head. I don't know who she's talking to, it's not me. (I don't think?)
Don't suppose it'll be long before a new story emerges. Meanwhile, still struggling with Sam's story. So I think I'll get back into that today.
Would be nice to get it finished!
Working straight into a print template this time, which is kinda fun.

Think that might be it from me this morning. There is a strong need for more coffee before I wake the girls up. (The Girl Wonder has a day off tomorrow, so she gets a long weekend nice!)

Stay frosty.


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