Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bit of a rant coming on ...

I've been pretty busy - which I'm sure is why the days are zooming by at frightening speed.
I thought, on Sunday, this was going to be a quiet week.
It ain't.
Serves me right for even entertaining that notion!

Rant rapidly approaching ... (look away or scroll fast if you're offended by the f-word ... which begs the questions, if that offends you why in Gods name do you read my blog posts?)

Monday I spent a good deal of time on hold with Vodafone - then gave up. I'm not sitting on hold for over twenty minutes ever again.
Life is short.
They are useless.
Been a battle since before the internet was put on - at the first sign of trouble I should've walked away but we'd been with Paradise who became Clear who became Telstra and then become Vodafone for years. So I didn't expect to have any problem at all. Boy was I wrong.
They screwed me around from the moment I said I wanted a new connection in my name.
Had I been able to access the internet and find a provider who actually does grasp the notion of customer service I would've.
So now ... we're here.
Having never received a bill from Vodafone and with them apparently unwilling to even answer their phone or reply to emails or actually answer questions and do something very simple and in a timely manner ... like send the fucking bill. I'm getting a bit pissed off.
I don't appreciate being told I can find my bill on their website. They know damn well I cannot do that because for whatever reason my account number is wrong (according to their site) so I can't log in. Told them that on several occasions.
But hey, by all means, ignore your customers and treat them like shit, then be super surprised when they bag the company in public!
There's another very good reason why I really don't think I should have to go looking for a bill ...
It's not my job. It's their job to provide the bill.
I'm done with automated phone calls 'reminding' me to pay my account (which I have been paying).
But now, I don't think so, I'm pissed and I want this sorted once and for all.
I'd be only too happy to pay my account ... all I require is the bill.
Not much to ask.
Even said in the beginning they can email it to me.
Obviously that's too hard!
It's been 4 months now.
That's a lot of annoyance on my part trying to get someone to send me a bill. Trying to get someone to listen and FIX the problem.
I'm thinking of sending them a bill for my time.
I think that's fair.
When you do get a person (who speaks English and is possibly in NZ) they make promises but the follow-through is sadly lacking.
Vodafone - your customer service - isn't.
It's a very disappointing situation.
I'm done ranting. I'm also done trying to talk to these clowns.

What else?
Well, a wasp nest.
Woke up yesterday morning to over 50 wasps in the downstairs loo and hallway. A couple had ventured upstairs, which is lucky, because I saw them first, otherwise I would've run down the stairs (like I do every morning) and smacked into a horde of pissed off wasps! (There's the small matter of a wasp allergy - thanks Mum. And a kid who has a total wasp phobia - so I had to deal to the problem really fast before The Girl Wonder got wind of it or they could sting me.)
Also, lucky that I had fly spray upstairs. I killed them ALL. Bodies everywhere. The carnage. The mayhem. Armed with fly spray and a jandal ... amazing things can be achieved with both.

The wasps main camp was in the shed close to the apple tree ... wasps seeing a light on and feeling a bit chilly decided to pour forth into the house. Not one of their better ideas, as it happens.

Rang an exterminator and got the nest dealt with. Man, those wasps weren't super happy once they were poisoned. I went out. Didn't want to watch them going crazy.
By the time school was done and the washing was ready to come in, it was all quiet on the western front. Not a buzz to be heard. Nothing was flying anywhere. Fabulous.

This morning Breezy's school bag broke. That's three bags in a year. Unacceptable. This time I went for a sturdier bag ... so we'll see.
She also needed togs - the school pool eats togs. Kinda dissolves them really.
It's not a good thing.

Had a nice day with Becky today. Been awhile since we went shopping together. It was fun. Can't quite wrap my head around her birthday at the end of the month though. 30 doesn't seem right. It just doesn't.
She's got a new job. Early childhood education rather than retail. All the awesome. So we were looking for suitable work clothes. Upper Hutt needs more shops.

Talking to UHC year 12 English students next Wednesday afternoon about creative writing. Looking forward to it. Teenagers are fun. :)

Oh and this from the Upper Hutt Library newsletter this month:

Now to concentrate on the two very cool things that are coming up fast:
1. Eraserbyte launches on April 10.
2. The Knight arrives on April 10.
That's five weeks and two days.


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