Saturday, February 28, 2015

Welcome to Saturday

I love my Saturdays.
I really do.

Saturday's that start with Facetime with The Knight are my favorite. (Okay second favorite - but I'm not in Perth, so Facetime Saturday's are my favorite at the moment.)

Later I have Writer's Plot.
Looking forward to it.
It's a really nice sunny day ... so will enjoy the 4km stroll to the library.

Yesterday evening Breezy and I went for a 8km walk because we could and because chocolate was needed.

Getting organised now for the launch of eraserbyte. Might have a cover soon. That'd be nice. I saw the latest draft last night and love it. The cake is almost finished. I was struggling to come up with a way of revealing the cool marble effect of one of the icings but The Girl Wonder came up with a plan. So yay. The dragonflies are made - this is the second lot as the first ones snapped when I tried to move them. If these ones break I'm going to pipe right onto the fondant and hope the blue doesn't leach into the wet white royal icing! The title is made - think it'll be going around the cake this time, as the cake is round not book shaped. You can see the progress of the launch prep here.

Yesterday I wrote a new (much darker) poem for the end of eraserbyte. Also, found a HP Lovecraft quote for the beginning which makes me happy ... writing the new poem did not make me happy but it's done. So yay.

Last week was stupidly busy. Next week looks much quieter. I'll look forward to that. Up coming things for March include talking to year 12 students at Upper Hutt College about writing (know a wee bit about it) and a school trip for Breezy - not sure if I'm going yet though, said I could, just depends if they need me or not. Then The Girl Wonder has an all day biology field trip and it'll be Becky's birthday before we know it! It's a big one. I was going to go but think it'd be easy to hear about it ... I'm looking after the grandsons that night. :)

I better move. Have a few things to do before I go to Writer's Plot for the afternoon.

Hope y'all are having a good weekend.

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