Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday - seemed to take a long time to get here this week.

It must be a slow week or something .... Wednesday seems to have taken forever to arrive.
Probably not helped by a lack of sleep so far this week.

The trailer for eraserbyte is maybe 85% done now, that was yesterday mornings thing. Would've preferred to make it on the laptop using the software I've pretty much always used BUT the laptop is utter crap now and it's not possible to do anything involving that many video sequences and images.
Highly annoying.
Took awhile to find my stash of sound effect files yesterday, was beginning to think they were trapped on the old tower, but no, I had moved them - just couldn't remember where. :) Got them now.
So there's that.
Now I just have to figure out what I'm using and exactly where and make this software do my bidding. Seems so easy as I write this,  reality is a different thing.

Migraines are a massive bit of an issue at the moment - so I'm not spending long amounts of time in front of the screen. Short bursts. (Not that screens are a trigger for me but when you can't see there's no point trying to.) Of course I could go back to Perth and be migraine and allergy/asthma free ... or I can stay here and wait for my brain to turn to mush. Even my doctor suggested moving to Perth because we're heading toward heavyduty drug territory now and that will pretty much kill my ability to think/write.
No brainer really.
I just can't do it yet.
It's all rather frustrating and that really doesn't help things at all.

Two book launches coming up this year.
1. Eraserbyte on April 10 at the Upper Hutt City Library.
2. Sister Mary-Margaret (collective work by A Writer's Plot) on May 22 at the Upper Hutt City Library.

I'm about to start work on the decorations for the eraserbyte cake. Now I know what colors and that I did get the dragonfly (butterflies are so last 6 books!) ... I can mix the right color royal icing for the piping and get on with it. :)
Well, soon, I do need to get a new nozzle. My fine one has disappeared. Will have to go to the cake decorating shop and get a new one. Don't much feel like it today so it can wait.
I've got seven and a half weeks before the launch, to be honest it's not the launch so much that I'm thinking about but rather who will be here for the launch. The Knight will be here and The Boy Wonder will be home.
(And tequila, I'm thinking about tequila.)

Need to get some promo shite organised too. Not having stock at the big launch but I do need posters and so forth. Tempted to look at magnets again - I know everyone loves them.
So much to do and no final cover yet. :)

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