Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The missing chapter

I know I can be a bit lazy when I'm writing.
But I just discovered I'd missed/skipped an entire chapter! Can't think of a reason why I would skip it either.
Good thing I opened the psychobyte file to have a read and make sure a new thread was carried all the way to the end, before I submit it to Rebel. Lucky I did open it and not just trust myself! :)
Yeah bugger.
So yesterday I wrote - the missing chapter. Five hours at my desk ... making sure everything was there.

Quite fun really the whole chapter is an interview/interrogation. Less fun was the working without notes. Seems I didn't only omit the chapter (seriously WTF?) but the only note in my psychobyte notebook regarding the chapter was 'Charles Locke Jnr'.
Not terribly helpful.

In other more promising news: Turns out I can count chapters. Because, for whatever reason, that's always been an issue for me. :) But in Psychobyte I didn't mess up the chapter numbers. Winning.
AND I've finished the eraserbyte edits - just reading it through now before sending it back to Rebel and my long suffering editor.

Also in other much more promising news:
This is a thing ... and there's much joy in our house right now!

Breezy is super happy about the whole thing. The Girl Wonder is really not that fussed because it means people at school will ask her about me. (Yeah, that amuses me.) She hates it. hahaha
It's not about her. She'll cope.

Apart from sorting psychobyte (it's the 8th byte novel so y'all won't see it for at least a year) I've set up a new challenge for Writer's Plot - to start the year out right.
I thought, as it's covering a particular genre I should read some books within that genre.
Possibly thought wrong!
The first one I got to the 3rd chapter and started skipping them to find some action, any action!
The 2nd one lost me by the end of the 1st page.
Third time lucky? Yeah, not so much.
They were free kindle books and well, ya know, you get what you pay for.
Upshot is ... my writer's could do a better job on a really bad day - blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs.
Expecting great things for the first long challenge of the year. :)
Yes, pressure.

Have fun xx

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