Friday, February 20, 2015

Sauvignon what now?

Fair question because the wine I am drinking tonight is a Sauvignon Blanc Pinot Gris. Really?
Try harder?
Could ya?
Or as The Girl Wonder calls it "Whale Pee". But then she is only 16 (almost) and has no taste buds to speak of, yet.
She's now laughing at me (not wine related) because we were having a conversation about someone and I cringed. And rightly so. :)
Yeah nah I don't swing that way.
Other child is bouncing around (sorry, I mean dancing) behind me ... to Bon Jovi, to say it's annoying and distracting wouldn't be stretching the truth. (Being clear here ... it's the bouncing and dancing behind me that is annoying NOT Bon Jovi.)

Words a mother loves to hear, "Hey Mum you should make fake blood."
She's mine.
Then she says "If you can't make blood we could just tap Breezy."
Pure joy this kid.
And she keeps reminding me that I raised her.
That is why wine is my friend but tequila is my best mate.
Payback is coming ... it'll happen.
I'll be at her school talking to her peers on March 11th. God that'll be fun while I'm wearing my "I'm The Girl Wonder's mum" tee shirt. (Of course I'll be substituting The Girl Wonder for her REAL name.)
Can't wait.
Such fun.
Photos will follow and I imagine they'll be of the horrified 16 year old.

The last few days have been crazy busy. I'm kinda done.
At some stage this weekend I need to check something in eraserbyte and then that too is done, again. Over it.
Need the fucking freaking cover though. So I can order some promo stuff and get the icing made for the cake.
8 weeks today until the launch at the library.
8 weeks and The Knight will be here.
Yeah, that'll fly by.
It always does,

Wanted to start working on the eraserbyte trailer tonight but haven't quite managed that. Yet. (Yeah, it ain't happening tonight.) I can do it without the cover and then add that in later but I'd prefer to do it all at once ... and probably not while drinking sauvignon blanc pinot gris ... I'd quite like to make someone order that in a pub though. It's even worse than ordering the coffee I like, which isn't even hard ... there is nothing odd about a quad shot long black with cold water in the top.
Jeez people.

Enjoy your weekend! I will.

AND ...
no, that's it ...

hahaha The Girl Wonder sent me this:

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