Sunday, February 15, 2015

I think I like it but I'm not really sure ...

The Admins visited today.
They're pretty freaking awesome friends and damn good Admins.
And I love them to bits.

No secret that ERASERBYTE is The Admins book. Not that they've read it yet. But Admin Bubbles does have a sneak preview loaded on her kindle app.
I couldn't make a launch cake this year. But not to worry because ... The Admins have sorted the launch cake. I injected it with 60 mils of brandy this afternoon because they thought it might not have enough in it yet. :)  
syringe of brandy
Yeah, awesome!
It's a beautiful cake made by The Admins. Almost a shame to ice it and cover the gorgeous cherry and almond design on the top! But ice it I shall. The cake arrived with the icing ... I just need to roll it out and put it on.
And make some filigree butterflies - waiting to see the cover before I do that just in case I got the dragonfly I wanted because if that's the case it'll be a filigree dragonfly that I make. I also need to know what color the cover is.
So, waiting.
Hopefully not too long. April 10 will come around fast and those filigree royal icing decorations need time. (For two reasons: one - I've only done it once before and the chance of stuffing it up is high and two - they need time to cure.)

Admin Bubbles asked how I liked being back at Writer's Plot after a long break.
I think I like it but I'm not really sure at this point.
Yes I loved seeing those that showed up. Very much so in fact. I missed them a lot over the break.
If it's a 'start as you mean to go on thing' then with half the group missing on the first session of the year - I'm underwhelmed and a little disappointed. Kinda pleased that The Girl Wonder was unable to film this session.
On a positive note: Ryan Kennedy came to speak about his book f2m: the boy within and was fabulous. I hope Ryan comes back and becomes part of our loud but fun group, I think he'd be a great fit. I don't think we were super scary!
Were we Ryan?

At the moment I'm doing a lot of waiting.
I'm not the worlds most patient person. (no kidding)
But I'm waiting.
While I'm waiting I'm adding a little more to psychobyte - and it's a tad annoying to be doing so at this stage because I want it gone. A few things popped up. Simple easy fixes that got out of control and now I have to follow the crazy and see where it leads!

I think tea is cooked. Perhaps I should go peel some spuds before I end up following the crazy all night and no one gets fed!


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