Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Always Run to You

Welcome to Wednesday.

I have mixed feelings about it. :)
But I think the upshot is ... could be worse. So let's go with that, shall we?

Hung out with The Admins last night which was a lot of fun as always. Although we did have business to discuss.
And that reminds me I still need to write the acknowledgments for Eraserbyte.
Should probably get on with that. Maybe that will be today's task?
It's the hardest part of writing the book ... next to writing a synopsis and log lines. :)

Decisions were made re the launch of eraserbyte. There is a plan.
It's a pretty good one. No doubt you'll all hear about it at a later date.
I'm lucky to have such awesome friends who know their way around book launches and so forth.
As the date nears I'm sure my excitement will build. Seems a long way off at the moment. A few things should be done over the next 8 weeks in preparation. I'm going to need a list and probably should get on with some of the things that are time consuming while I have time.
I'll be on the PC later messing with video footage. Some video we took in the US is about to be used in a trailer. That'll be fun. Or frustrating as all hell. :) No cover yet so it'll be in pre-production for awhile.

Meanwhile ... I'm still working (albeit slowly) on Sam's story.
And there is a contest running over on my Facebook page. The prize is a signed copy of Kurt's story.
It's pretty easy. If you live in NZ or Aussie - you can enter.

I think there was something else I wanted to say but it's gone ... oh hang on ...
the eraserbyte play list is now a thing. It's a bit different musically to the others. Started out nicely with Adele and then spiraled out of control. :)
The music worked for me.

That's about it for today.

Terror attacks in Washington, DC, send SSA Ellie Conway scrambling for answers. Surveillance footage is erased before her eyes as rubble spills into the streets. Carnage and mayhem are the new normal.

Should probably give psychobyte a final read and check I finished adding a thread to it ... 

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