Saturday, January 10, 2015

You can sleep while I dream

(For those of you who don't know - You can sleep while I dream is a Bon Jovi song.)

It's Saturday.
The week flashed by super quick - it's a good thing. Hopefully the next two weeks slow down some.

Elvis would've been 80 this week ... unbelievable really. Now as he was born the same year as Superman - come December there will be one very unimpressed Superman who looks nothing like an 80 year old!

I've finished the eraserbyte edits. Just reading through it now - well, obviously not right now, because  I'm here blogging - but you know what I mean ... sooner or later there will be a kindle in my hand and I will be reading through edits.
I also filled in the questionnaire from my publishers for the cover and stuff. Although that was kinda a waste of time (the cover bit) ... we know the cover will be in line with the new covers for the series - just not sure what color eraserbyte will be ... feels grey to me, so we'll see what happens when the design company get hold of it. I'd kinda like a dragonfly instead of a butterfly for this one but again we'll see and I'm fairly resigned to it being a butterfly again.

Yesterday I had an Ellie moment while we were out! A monarch butterfly flew around my head and got in my face for a bit. Was kinda nice to start with ... my mind conjured up Mac and that turned the nice into creepy.

 Was a good week.
Caught up with an old friend. He surprised me. It was a good surprise. There are some people I'll always have time for, he's one of them.

Visited Kirstie too - always fun! Her mum is awesome. Breezy and Ems had a great time playing while us ladies talked. :)

The Knight has the flu (which is not such a good thing at all) - he's been really ill for the last few days. Pretty sure we both fell asleep while talking last night.
He has two days to get better! :)

Need to pack tomorrow which means it's list time.
Although if I forget stuff it doesn't matter too much.
But easier if I don't and pack from a list!

Right - I better get moving.
Lots to do.

Have a great weekend - I know we will.

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