Tuesday, January 27, 2015

There's a good chance ...

... that some of you didn't know I was gone - let alone realize I am back. :)

I've been off having an adventure for the last two weeks and it was a truly awesome adventure.
Not even work related! Just fun. Vacationing with The Knight in Perth. I haven't spent this amount of time on a motorbike since I was a teenager ... and I'd never spent any time at all on a Harley.
Let's get this right shall we? A 1996 wide glide.
Somewhere there are pictures - I need to find them.
Bear with ...

 (Not the best picture ever!)
Anyway you get the idea - it's pretty and shiny and it was a lot of fun riding around Perth with The Knight. Sometimes it was quite hot - other times not too bad (talking about the weather people! God!) but it was ALWAYS fun. :)

Before there was much of that though The Knight switched his seat - putting the original one back on ... because the one he likes was way too hard on my bum. :)

The Knight's seat

The more comfortable (for me) original seat.

I just realized I didn't take a photo of the dinosaurs (that I completely missed seeing the first time even though they were pointed out to me on the side of the road) bugger! They were cool - I did get to see them the second time!

We did get our photo taken with Eric though while on a magical mystery tour with Rowdy and Kerry (thank you for taking the pics Kerry!). :)
Luckily I'll pretty much answer to anything so Rowdy calling me Sarah Connor was just fine. (No Terminator fan in their right mind would complain about being called Sarah Connor!)

Cat, Eric the emu, The Knight.

Being watched by Eric.

Prior to the magical mystery tour The Knight took me to all sorts of places ... lots of our rides ended at a pub somewhere. (Okay, all of them did ... and always a different pub!)
It was a great holiday and I really loved Perth. Hard not to love a place that doesn't try to kill me! No hayfever and no asthma = pure awesome.
Of course I'm home now so it's back to antihistamine and Ventolin. Not so awesome.

More photos of our adventures will surface as the week progresses.

Quite a bit of this went on ...
And lots of fish was consumed ... especially in Fremantle.

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