Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sister Mary Margaret

Last year Graeme came up with an idea for Writer's Plot. (I think he soon wished he hadn't because I stepped back and encouraged him to bring his idea to the group and take charge!)
His idea was hashed out over the table with the group.
We'd all write a short story on a single theme.
In fact we all wrote about our characters journey to a funeral and what the deceased meant to our character ... the deceased was Sister Mary Margaret.
It was a fun exercise.
The goal was always to produced publishable work.
That was achieved.
The next steps were to collate, edit, create a suitable cover, format and publish this collective work.

Computer problems and a fairly hefty work load meant I was not able to take the project on once Graeme left the country for his big OE.

Caro stepped up and offered to learn all about formating a manuscript for print and the headache that went along with Sister Mary Margaret was successfully handed to her. :)

I weird thing happens when so many people focus on one fictional entity. Sister M seemed to take on a life of her own.
I don't think this challenge will be repeated!
But this year there will be another collective work - I'm seeing a single theme but not a single character. More of an anthology this time around.

Anyway after much hair pulling and so forth - yesterday Caro pushed the 'publish' button and Sister M is a real book.
It's pretty exciting, especially for my Writer's Plot folk - for many of them this is their first foray into the publishing world and first published work.

Super big Congratulations to all of you!

For the curious here's the link: Sister Mary Margaret

The cover is a compilation of all our faces ... Graeme took a photo of each of us and then created the image from those photos ... talk about creepy!

I'm very proud of the work A Writer's Plot did to achieve last years goal. :)

Winning people - winning!!

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