Tuesday, January 13, 2015

One or two things ...

It occurred to me a few days ago that there is another Byte novel lurking in the gray area beyond psychobyte.

I don't know what it's about or what it's called.
Thank you for all your suggestions though. :)
Some were truly hilarious and some downright scary ... some of you people are a bit sick. Just putting that out there.

The ink is barely dry on the psychobyte manuscript and already Ellie is showing me things I don't want to see.
She's good at that. Super considerate.
It's a weird situation ... I can see her (when she looks in a mirror or passes a store window) and she doesn't look like she should. I think some time has passed since psychobyte. Maybe not much time. Or maybe a year or more. I don't know.
And because I'm not ready to write yet I'm not paying a lot of attention to the videos she's trying to show me.

I have a notebook set aside for this new story.
I have a pen nearby.
I'm NOT ready to write no matter how hard she pushes.
Not sure I want to know what happened after I left her last time. Could be all good. Everything could be coming up roses not stink weed. Her and Mitch could be in the middle of a happy ever after.

I'll know eventually. I can only avoid her for so long.
She's persistent.
And always wins.

Hope you're all having fun.
Those of you who are writing ... keep going!
To Writer's Plotters ... you definitely need to keep going. There will be a challenge as soon as we start back and you need your writing muscles in shape for that. :)

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