Friday, January 2, 2015

And just like that it's January 2nd 2015

Happy New Year folks! So far so good.

 Last night I wanted to watch a DVD and for some reason my brain thought my books existed as movies. Pretty disappointed when they didn't. :) Two friends had suggestions though ...
 1. 48hour film challenge
 2. A really long trailer.

 Man that would be fun. And super hard. But so much fun!

 Anyway ... have a partial script sitting here for killerbyte but that's as far as I've ever gotten with the movie idea. They would make awesome movies though.
Because that's how I see the stories as I write - the scenes are all video clips but obviously only from Ellie's POV. The only time I've ever seen her is when she looks in a mirror or some reflective surface catches my eye during a scene.
 Not weird at all. :)

Following on with the not weird thing ...
last night was 'Supernatural' night (as usual) here. The Girl Wonder and I are working our way through season 4. (At a pretty rapid pace.)
We were watching the Profit episode and I managed to freak The Girl Wonder out. Awesome!
She didn't like me saying I wrote myself into one of my books - at all.
But I have done that.
Twice now.
But the first time was full on freaky -  the main characters tracked down the author because her work was a security threat and then realised they couldn't deviate from the written word and pretty much had to wait for her to finish a scene to know how screwed they really were and how to stop what was happening. :) It was a lot of fun writing like that. A lot of fun. But when I wrote that book (20 years ago) it was deemed too edgy and writing yourself into the story  ... just no. :)

Jump forward a few years. (Okay a lot of years.)
And The Admins wanted me to write about our trip to D.C.
But - I don't incorporate other peoples ideas or suggestions when it comes to the main story.
Also - I write whatever falls out of my fingers and when I try and change the way I write it just doesn't work.
Cue Admin One and her crazy idea of having the 3 of us in the book.
Talk about trouble!
I did it. It was hard to do. This time I didn't have the benefit of third person POV. The Byte novels are all in First Person. That made it trickier and just a wee bit insane at times when I KNEW both sides of a particular scene, because one I lived and the other I watched. (So normal!)
But unlike the first time I wrote me in ... as I wrote I changed our names and descriptions and who we were as people - so the characters that began from Admin One's nutty idea evolved as I wrote. I also let a few things that have always fascinated me surface in the story.

Stepping over the line and standing in the full on fucking nuts crazy section for a moment ...
What if Ellie is a real person or was a real person?

Yep, that's out there!
A few times I've been told she was - by people who are otherwise quite sane.
Yeah, that doesn't freak me out at all!

She would be so much fun to hang out with. Really!

Anyway ... I'll go make more coffee and carry on working my way through these edits so I can get eraserbyte back to my publishers and editor before I go away. :)

Can't wait to see what the cover for eraserbyte will look like!

Stay frosty.


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