Monday, December 8, 2014

Writer's Plot is done for the year ...

This weekend was the final Writer's Plot session for the year. I'm pleased to have survived another year and I'm looking forward to having a really good break.
As much as I love my Writer's I'm not going to miss the added work load.
Caro is almost done with the print formatting for Sister Mary Margaret - which is fantastic. I'll get the cover finished in the next few days and then it'll be available.

Had some interesting discussion on Saturday night with the Admins and The Oracle. They all think I should cut WP back to once a month next year.
I think that's a good idea.
The Knight said it'd thin it down a bit if I switch to monthly. And he's right, some people will not come but the dedicated ones will still hang in there. And really, it's about dedication.
Guess I'm trying to find a balance.
The Oracle says I'm too accessible and she's right.
Being too accessible encourages the loonies.
Remaining accessible for my people is important but I don't need to be available all the time - luckily we have the Facebook group. I don't have to be there, but I can be when I feel like it.

Moving on:

It's Monday.
It's my birthday week.
On Saturday night The Admins came down and gave me my birthday/Christmas present - it's pretty freaking cool.

And sure to be delicious.
I don't want to open it yet.

Tequila is my all time favorite drink. And little did The Admins know ... I'd seen/coveted that gun it a few months ago. :)

Last night I saw a message on my Facebook page: From a reader (and a friend of my cousins) Made me smile a lot!

"Why are your books so addictive lol I finally let myself start reading databyte and I can't put it down, even reading it at work. You are awesome!"

When a bunch of people all think about the same fictitious person they give it energy: Sister Mary Margaret has caused more than enough computer issues ...  :)

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