Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Resistance is Futile

Tuesday (Christmas eve eve?)
Up earlier than expected because I forgot to put the bin out on Monday evening. Also awake much earlier than expected.
I think I fell asleep on the phone last night talking to The Knight.

Monday was an okay day.
But that's a good thing.
I got to do something nice to brighten someone's day and that was awesome.
Apart from Christmas crackers (of which there are none this year) we're all set for Christmas.

Tomorrow is making desserts and cooking GF Turken day. (Because the kids love chicken stuffed with gluten free stuffing and then stuffed inside a turkey.)
And son-in-law James is coming over to mow the lawn - this weather is not helping! The lawn growth should've slowed down by now but no ... it's been super wet and just warm enough so it's growing like a bastard.

Today ... Caro is coming over for coffee, Christmas cake, and Sister Mary Margaret talk. There are devils traps on everything, we should be all good!
I'm thinking we should NEVER write a story like Sister M again. Having 16 (?) people all concentrating on a single thought has created havoc!

You know how I got edits back for Eraserbyte (just nod and smile) and wasn't going to touch them until after Christmas? ... Resistance is futile.
I couldn't stand it any more, yesterday afternoon I opened the file and am now 57 pages in. There is plenty of amusement at some of the comments.
Thankfully, the laptop played nice.

Am currently trying to write this blog post on the PC and it hurts! It actually hurts my hands, wrists, and shoulders to use this keyboard. Some of it is because this is the kids desk so lower than mine and the keyboard is on a slide out shelf - so lower again. But mostly it's because it's not a comfortable keyboard. Laptops are much easier for me to write on - I prefer the soft touch low profile keys. They don't hurt!

I really want to finish the last few scenes that require extra detail in psychobyte but am struggling to do that at the moment ... mostly because of the laptop being a pain in the bum.

The sun looks like it's trying to break through the grey shroud in the sky. I hope it succeeds. I have a lot of washing to put out! :) (How very normal of me.)

Right, time to get on with the day.

Hope you are all organised and not having to do last minute anything out in the world (there are plenty of crazies out at the moment - be careful folks!)

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