Sunday, December 14, 2014

Just realised I haven't blogged for a week!

I'm still alive. :)

Was a busy week which ended with my birthday on Friday. Had a pretty good day despite having to take Breezy to a school dance (I decided to run away instead of staying - seemed smarter than getting a migraine from the noise!). Also, I was hungover. That did not help.
For future reference ... no Merlot. Seriously, I'm much better off sticking with tequila or scotch or a nice pinot gris.
Had a scotch tonight and it was nice, also the first drink I've had since Thursday so that's a bit of a clue as to how hungover I was on Friday!

Friday was also the funeral of a my great Aunt. I obviously didn't go. Not only is it a bad time of year to be buggering off to anything anywhere but it was my birthday and not how I intended to spend it. Also, really, she was the last of her generation so it's not like anyone would miss me!
Superman went.
The family was represented. I'm all good with that.

Friday also meant it's a month until Perth. :)

I did have something to tell you ... turns out that if you want to read databyte and haven't read any of the other books (just go do it, jeez!) - you can get away with it by reading Torrent. That will get you enough background on the team that you won't feel like you've missed too much and at least know who everyone is.
- The Knight told me this and I thought it was something that might be helpful. (You're welcome.)
He should know. He hadn't read any, then read Torrent and is now 23 chapters into databyte and tells me he really likes the story. (Think he quite likes Ellie too.)

Not only was it my birthday on Friday but it was Ellie's birthday as well - so Facebook told me and let's face it Facebook knows everything? :)

Right now it's bedtime.
I'm tired and in need of some sleep!

These are the birthday week photos:
And then Breezy and The Girl Wonder played with them ...

and then this happened:
some sort of ethereal thing happening here



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