Friday, December 19, 2014

Inspired to write a pre-Christmas blog

Afternoon (or whatever it is for you),

It's almost Christmas and another year is nearly done.
This year is the second year of changes in our family. Change is good albeit sometimes uncomfortable. It's still good and it's still moving in the right direction.

There are a lot of things I'm grateful for (Thanks Doug for inspiring this blog) ... a supportive family, good friends, a roof over our heads, food on the table, shoes on our feet ... my ability to tell a story and entertain others (and a really fabulous editor and wonderful publishers) ... you get the idea. :)

Today edits came back for ERASERBYTE ... I haven't had time to look yet. I know what to expect because Jayne doesn't let me get away with anything (that's part of her job) and I push her buttons (because I'm just bad some days). Sometime over the next few days I'll dive into the edits and it won't take me long to have everything sorted and ready for round two. We know this. Because it never takes me long. I didn't open the file today because I had other things to do.

Today was Pre-Christmas stuff with Superman. Always fun spending time with Superman. The thing with us is ... we actually like each other and get on well. There's no judging - just acceptance and a realization that life too short for crap. We don't bug each other. We enjoy each other's company.
I'm super grateful for Superman. :)

Yesterday I got to cuddle this 3-day-old wee poppet. So small and so perfect. The clone cloned herself. hahaha. It happens. I cloned myself, stands to reason my clone would clone herself. :)

Needless to say The Girl Wonder and Breezy are rather delighted with their brand new niece, Xanthea.

Last night we had an impromptu family tea. Superman was here, Jojo and James and baby Xanthea and the girls and I. That meant three meals.
I made pizza for Superman, The Girl Wonder, James, and I. Gluten free pasta for Jojo and Frankfurters for Breezy. Sorted.
Was nice. I ate while holding the baby. Had a bit of practice doing that so it was pretty normal for me. :)

Right now I'm being whined at. God I love Christmas. Kids can be a pain in the bum at this time of year, Especially one who stays up too late watching videos on her tablet then bugs her older sister until she loses the plot.
Be nice when Christmas is over and I go away! :)

Meanwhile .... Christmas isn't over and there is still stuff to be done. I really should go get on with it.
Hope you'll all doing okay out there!

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