Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Have a very Merry whatever you have ...

We'll have a Merry Christmas (actually more like a merry winter solstice in the summer because I never have been able to get my head around the upside downness of it all ... go with it, it's easier on your brain.)

Speaking of brains ... (no not zombie talk)
I was a bit tired last night after using mine for 2 hours. For all I didn't want to start reviewing edits until after Christmas, it's happening and it's fun.
I'm two-thirds of the way through eraserbyte already. So far it's pretty much just been my super wonderful editor fixing little things - unless everything falls apart in the next 100 pages it's not going to take me long at all. Okay to be fair, it never takes me long.

I also went through the contents of all my flashdrives yesterday. Found one corrupt one and had to reformat it. That's precisely why I have several backups!

The Knight asked me to bring a book with me in January. Made me smile a lot. He said my books are addictive. :)
Lucky for him I have a few set aside to take over. He's read Torrent and Databyte. (And now he's working backwards because eraserbyte won't be out for awhile yet!)

Beginning to understand what it is about my books that appeal to guys (I always knew what the appeal was for girls - I am one, that kinda made it easy).

This is what I've learned recently:
Ellie is hot. There is just enough description of her to spark imagination. (She's not a wildebeest.)
The team dynamic: There is a lot of respect for Ellie but male readers also like the protective behaviour of the team.

It's been interesting. :)

I better get moving. Today is crazy busy. I really don't want to leave the house but I need to.

James is coming over to mow the lawn later. That'll be good!
I'd also like to do some work. As Grasshopper said the other day: Writing is my happy place.
It's true, just not as true (or all consuming?) as it once was.

Have a wonderful Christmas and be safe out there. (Stay frosty.)


Also, if you see Mark around - wish him happy birthday. :)

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