Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 21, 2014

Morning world,

We almost had sun yesterday. It was warm and grey but bright. Washing got dry. Bonus!
It's supposed to be sunny for most of the coming week ... that'd be nice especially as it's apparently Christmas on Thursday?
It's raining today. Poured down all night.
Welcome to summer?

Would be the perfect rainy crap day to get stuck into reading the edits and so forth but this piece of shit laptop is driving me truly insane. It's taking liberties with my time and patience.
I don't think it's worth losing what's left of my mind trying to do any work.
Majorly frustrating.
Eraserbyte edits are waiting.
Have some scenes to finish in psychobyte too.
Don't like my chances of getting anything finished before I go away.

Last night The Girl Wonder and I watched the first 3 episodes of Supernatural season 3. Yeah not loving changlings. At all. Creepy. More creepy when there is a 9 year old asleep upstairs and you hear someone ON THE STAIRS! (And my neck was sore ... yeah that freaked The Girl Wonder out.) hahaha
She ended up watching Naruto before going to bed so she wouldn't have nightmares. Fair enough, she shares a room with Breezy. :)
And I can lock my door.

Christmas prep is almost finished here. Just the turkey to get (and cream, salad fixings, sparkling grape juice for the kids, and corona's for me). Then I need to make trifle and chocolate log and cook turkey ... that's the easy stuff. Hmmm think I forgot Christmas crackers. Better put those on the list. Fun. This might be the year I forget to get them.
Took me five attempts to remember nail polish remover and one of those I was standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DISPLAY LOOKING AT IT!
Yeah, hopeless.

I'm going to go shower and make the kids new stockings. Santa is an idiot. He told me he's bringing bulky stuff. So new stockings it is then. Because I don't have enough to do?
He isn't getting any cookies here!

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

I would do a Christmas giveaway but nah ... you can buy my books I need the money.

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