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The Interrogation of Marguerite Madden

Kia ora,
Please welcome our latest victim guest, Marguerite Madden. On the metal plate suspended above that puddle by wires is a chocolate fish. Behave and the delicious pink marshmallow fish covered in chocolate won’t end up a goopy mess on the floor.
In the event of an earthquake/zombie plague/or random occupation - you’ll find emergency procedures taped to the bottom of your seat. Yes, just like a floatation device. You’ll also find a Glock 17 with a full magazine.
Remember you cannot reason with zombies and it’s a head shot every time.


 What’s your favorite type of takeaway? (Yes, that means take-out in NZ speak)
 Taco Bell, no doubt! Whenever I was coming home from the hospital for my cancer treatments, a three hour drive after being cooped up for weeks, I'd make my husband stop at the first one we saw! It became a going-home habit!

Describe your current mental status.
Goodness, I don't know! I spend a lot of time marketing (or trying to), and most of the social media networks are confusing to me. Plus, we live in such a rural area that the only internet (besides me borrowing a hotspot once in a while) is through my phone. So I guess my answer would be...frustrated! Haha.

I know how I do what I do … but how do you do what you do?
I don't work well under pressure, or with a deadline. So I write when I feel like writing, and don't force it when I don't. Besides, I think my writing turns out better that way.

Could you tell us a little bit about your latest work?
I'm really excited about Fang and Claw. It's book one in the Undead Unit series. In a world where supernatural beings (vampires, zombies, werewolves, etc.) are socially tolerated, Lacey is a vampire who's a detective with the Dallas police department. She's just been put in charge of an elite squad appointed to deal with crimes involving the Undead. But her partner, Colton, is a Wolf...ancestor of the pack that decimated her coven of origin. Can they learn to work together?  

Do you have a favorite coffee or tea?
I used to love coffee, especially Starbucks. But cancer took away my taste for it, though I may slowly be getting it back. So now it's mostly just sweet tea.
 Walk us through a typical day. (Do you make sure you’re wearing your lucky underpants before you sit down to write, perhaps you prefer commando? While we’re discussing your underpants, boxers, briefs, or budgie smugglers. Inquiring minds want to know. Yes, that includes my Admins… we don’t piss off the Admins.)
My days aren't typical anymore, as I'm still recovering from cancer and still have bad days. If I'm up early enough, I catch episodes of Supernatural on TNT, followed by Bones. I don't exactly have a "writing superstition", though I do have a small plush horse that a friend from England made for me. His name is Olaf and he watches me while I write (also while I sleep!).

Tell us about your main character. (How did you first meet? Would you like to hang out with him/her? What delights you the most about writing him/her? You get the idea …)
I don't have much insight into Lacey yet, as I've just begun the story. But I do plan to use Reapers as characters (as in the Grim), and their jobs will be in emergency medical services. But they look like ordinary humans, so you'll never know if your ambulance attendant is human...or there to Reap you because your number is up!

Who are your favorite writers?
My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, JD Robb, Kay Hooper, JK Rowling.

Who inspires you to do better? (Be as corny as you’d like… just go for it! Mmmm chocolate fish.)
No one inspires me to be better but myself! I'm so OCD about proofing and editing that my husband once told me to "quit editing it and finish it!"

Do you ever put pants on your dog, cat, or budgie?
My miniature Boxer dog, Pepper, does have sweaters and coats to wear. Poor baby, she's got such short hair and low body mass (not like my golden retriever Jody  or bull mastiff/great dane Morgan), so she gets cold in the winter. Though we did once put a flannel shirt on our Scooby-Doo-scared-of-everything Morgan!

Who is your favorite fictitious villain? Or are you all about the hero? Who do you love to hate?
My favorite love-to-hate character is Crowley from Supernatural. He's the king of hell since Lucifer's defeat, and always making some kind of sneaky deal. But he's always true to his word, so you can never tell if you like him or hate him!

All-time favorite movie and why?
My very favorite movie is The Man from Snowy River.

Do you enjoy the editing process?
I hate editing. And formatting for that matter. But I'm getting better at it.

What is one thing you know about New Zealand?  (Please do not mention LOTR or The Hobbit. Am well over them!)
 I honestly don't know much about New Zealand. I was going to look it up the other day but got side tracked.

What were you before you became a writer?
 Before cancer (and my new full time job as a writer), I was a manager at Auto Zone, a chain of auto parts stores. I could have my job back, but I'm just not strong enough. And may never be.

Whiskey or Bourbon? Red or white wine?
I don't do hard liquor, and on rare occassions that I drink wine, I prefer a blush like Zinfandel.

What’s in your pockets? (Or handbag, whatever you carry your stuff in. Are you apocalypse prepared?)
 My purse has wallet, sunglasses, eyeglass repair kit, eyeglass cloth, business cards, and anything my husband says "Honey could you put this in your purse?

Laptop, PC, tablet?
Most of my interneting is done on my phone, but for serious writing, I use a laptop.

Ebook or tree book?
I have a mixture of both print and ebooks

Where do you do most of your writing?
My "home office" is usually my bed. After cancer, it's more comfortable for me and I can keep the temperature as warm or cool as I need.

What’s the hardest thing for you when it comes to being an author? (For me it’s marketing but for others it’s the actual writing …)
Marketing is definitely the hardest part of writing. The first book I published was through Smashwords in 2012. I sold 5 copies in two years. Now that I'm more aware of social media, sales are better. But it's still time consuming.

You made it!! Damn, you rock. Now would you like to try for the chocolate fish? Mind the puddles … but hurry. Power surges are common in the dungeon; you don’t want to have one hand on the metal plate containing that delicious chocolate fish and a foot in a puddle ...
That laughter you hear is coming from The Knight, he probably won’t flip that switch he has his hand on. You might want to hurry ... 

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