Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Poetry In Motion


Hope you're all well. (This is my sincere give a shit face ... deal with it!)

So today I'm over at Romance Ramble and Book Babble. Talking about Databyte. Because I'm all about romance? Well, kinda, maybe, shut up - I could be if I wanted to be!
(Better than being All about the Bass ... did I get that stuck in your head? You're welcome! hahahaha)

Anyway - the 2014 interrogation series is underway. The first interrogation went live yesterday and I have five more lined up. Plenty of entertainment for you lot.
Next up is Andrene Low. She's a fellow Rebel.
Such fun!

Other than that - am pretty busy tweaking scenes in psychobyte.
Adding detail still - because I'm a lazy shit writer most of the time sometimes.

I've also been reacquainting myself with crime scene protocols. Because sometimes I forget stuff and things change, so always good to stay current.

Which reminds me I haven't made the Christmas cake yet. Trust me it makes sense, it's not a quantum leap at all. I wrote the word current which reminded me of currants and therefore Christmas cake. See?

Am wearing a perfume that I couldn't stand the smell of last week - seems okayish now. Maybe it's one of those that grow on you?

Think I've found the quotes I want to use in psychobyte. Have the poems sorted. Not sure about a joke though and I can't remember if a chicken appears in the story. Last time I got all panicked about a book and thought there was no chicken there were several mentions ... so chances are there is already a chicken in psychobyte.

No I'm not explaining the chicken thing again.
You'll have to buy me chocolate or tequila (make that both) to hear the chicken story again. No, I do not mean how I unwittingly killed chickens ... that story is well documented. (I used it in killerbyte.)

I can hear the dog whining. He's whining because I won't let him upstairs into my office again - he keeps farting ... just no, not in my space thanks!

Right I'm going to go chat to The Knight.

Y'all have fun now.

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