Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nine weeks, Writer's Plot, Making changes

The countdown to Perth is in full swing.
To be honest 9 weeks seems like a lifetime at the moment, but it's not.
It's 9 weeks and I know it'll go fast because the last countdown seemed to swish by in the blink of an eye. But probably at the 9 weeks mark it felt like forever.
In fact I'm pretty sure it did.
Will be great to be too hot for a change. :)

The weekend was pretty good - there were some definite highlights - one of those was a marathon four and a half hour FaceTime chat with The Knight on Friday night. FaceTime behaved. It' didn't lose picture or sound or anything. Guess the updates sorted that then!

The girls went to Action Man's on Saturday and had a fun time. Caught up on some gossip with Action Man when he dropped them home.

But we had the worst turn out yet for Writer's Plot - which turned out to be a bonus for the four of us that were there. We went for coffee and cake (thanks Leon) and ended up with free cocktails. Score!

It might be time to point out again that I host Writer's Plot voluntarily (was asked to by the library) ... AND that it takes a lot of fucking  an extraordinary amount of my time to prepare for each session. I've missed two sessions in almost three years.
One when Wonder Woman died (the whole time she had cancer I showed up every second week with a lesson plan and divided the rest of my time during that sixteen months between my kids and Wonder Woman) and once when a good friend's wife died.
That's it.
I haven't even had a day off sick.
There have been plenty of times when I didn't feel like turning up or having to put in the time and work to plan for a session was too much on top of everything else but I show up and I usually have something planned.  (I've turned up concussed and I've turned up with migraines because I didn't want to let anyone down.)
The point being - I show up every second Saturday afternoon for three hours ...
Because it's expected.
Because I don't like disappointing people who are counting on me.
Because I actually like my group and enjoy their company.
Because writing is a solitary occupation and it's nice to have something social and fun to look forward to.
Because I made a commitment.
So on Saturday - because most people didn't bother telling me they weren't coming - there were 15 copies of the session notes waiting (I'd been thinking about what we would do and got notes sorted and had them printed). I left the notes on the table when we went to the cafe.
Cyndi was going to do an exercise involving felt-tips and paper. (Not some weird perverted thing with felt-tips ... but something that would be good to do and fun.)
Up shot is there were things planned!
I think I might almost be done here.
I know I said we'd be back next year but I'm not sure if it's worthwhile
Apart from the Sister Mary challenge - no one has really made an effort to participate this year.
I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the time I am putting in? And to be honest with participation being so low I can't be bothered and have found it really hard to raise enthusiasm for the last few months.
And as for the Sister Mary challenge ... it's going nowhere.
It's a lot of work, I no longer have a computer capable of doing any sort of cover design or capable of working with however many Word files all at once while I add them to a template and format the thing for print.
The fact that it was left to me to do has pissed me off.
That wasn't supposed to happen.
There is enough on my plate as it is.

This does sound like a bit of a rant. It's not really.
I'm disappointed.
I'll get over it and move on.
Life's too short to be smacking my head into a wall.

And it's all true.

This pretty much sums it up for me right now -

Sorry about the f word Geoff. 

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