Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's perfectly normal

Or not.

This time of year things that otherwise wouldn't be perfectly normal suddenly become normal.

A fat man in a red suit giving out candy and asking kids to sit on his knee ... any other time of the year that'd have people shouting "Kiddie Fiddler" from the roof tops, but, Christmas season comes along and suddenly it's okay for kids to sit on a strange fat mans knee and take candy from him.
Really? How smart is that?

Kids throwing paddies because they don't get their own way "It's Christmas, it's to be expected." Bullshit. It's crap and no one should be putting up with it because "It's Christmas."

People suddenly being nice when they're total assholes all year ... yeah nah, not buying it.

In other news:

The Knight is reading databyte ... told me he read two chapters this morning - which means he's now up to chapter five. He also said he's liking the story.
That's a big deal.
High praise indeed.
(He's a bit like Superman when it comes to praise. "It's not too bad" is Superman's version of "Holy shit it's amazing." ... I'm still working out The Knight's code.)

It's been quite a nice weekend.
The girls and I like quiet.

Had a long FaceTime conversation with The Knight last night. Watching him cook tea was fun. That steak looked pretty damn good.

A lot of time today was devoted to reading the WP Challenge stories. Warped best describes the selection. I laughed out loud a few times, didn't cringe too much, so it's all good.
Have The Girl Wonder scoring the stories ... although a few I have to do myself as they're not really suitable for her to read. (You know who you are!)
So far I've read ten stories ... picking two more up over the next two days. Then it'll be done.

Later on (maybe tonight) I'm going to be writing to the library about Writer's Plot. There will be some changes for next year and the biggest will be NO WALK-INS. And that needs to be policed. I don't want to get to the tables and find strange people sitting there without knowing they'll be there and who they are. If people want to join or come along to Writer's Plot they have to jump through fiery hoops talk to me first.
I'm done with crazy people. 
I'm not a counselor. 
I'm a writer. 
I do not react well to being harassed constantly by people I barely know. I don't react well at all to that, very few people do. Hell, I don't react well when it is people I know!
So when I lose it because someone I don't know will not leave me alone ... it shouldn't be a surprise.

There is also commitment required by WP people and potential WP people. If I am going to to the trouble to show up every fortnight, organizing topics, challenges, and notes etc then ... I require a similar commitment from WP people. And that goes to taking part in challenges too.
That's only fair.
End of story.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

I'm off to walk the hound.


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