Wednesday, November 12, 2014

7 Lovely Facts Blog Tour

I’ve been tagged by Marguerite Madden in the 7 Lovely Facts Blog tour.
“The next blogger on the tour is supposed to list seven interesting facts that cast a new light on the blogger him/herself.” And then they’re required to share some blog links of blogs they read. And the final act is to pick on some unsuspecting person and tag them. That bit makes me smile an awful lot. That’ll be the less than lovely side to my personality coming through. Tempted to pick a Writer’s Plotter for that but then … it might be more fun to snag a Rebel. You won’t know until you get to the end.
 I’m not sure there are 7 lovely facts about me in existence to be honest.
Lovely isn’t an adjective usually applied to me. I tend to draw other adjectives like frightening, infectious (not in a disease sort of way), outspoken, blunt, smartassed, honest, enthusiastic, wicked.
So I mentioned that I didn’t think there were 7 lovely things about me.
Evil One said “I’m very loyal to my friends.”
The Knight said 8 things but most of them aren’t for public consumption … so I narrowed it down to “I’m FUN with a big F” and “I’m a great mum.”
Breezy said “I’m nice.”
How we doing so far?
We got 4 things. Winning? Yeah, winning. 
The Girl Wonder says “I have a good sense of humor.” (I think we can all agree that if I didn’t one of us wouldn’t have survived her childhood.)
Okay we got 5. Almost there.
This is pretty painful!
“I believe greyhounds deserve to retire to a family home once their racing days are over. The girls and I share our home with a retired racing greyhound called Romeo.”
That was 6.
Man, I dunno if I can get to 7. I’m coming up blank.
Let’s call this done, shall we?
Hang on ... The Oracle has spoken: "If I was in a bad place and needed someone at my back I'd always choose you - you know more ways to kill people than most mass murderers - ooh not sure that is a positive thing but it makes me feel good."
Okay that's 7. :)

Because I like this chick a lot and she’s a fabulous writer with a wicked sense of humor and also a fellow Rebel, I’m tagging Andrene Low. (Already promised her homemade pizza and tequila … so I might have to toss chocolate in as well now!)

As for blogs that I read:

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