Saturday, October 11, 2014

Welcome back?

I got home from holiday late on Thursday night. Cyndi was there to meet me which was all the awesome.
Yesterday was Friday ... bit of a busy day really. Had a lot to organise. It's all done. I hope!!

Friday afternoon I caught up with The Oracle and two bottles of wine (and cheese and almonds).
I FaceTimed The Knight when he arrived back in Christchurch - big FUN.
Later yesterday afternoon (probably early evening) The Oracle and I caught up with The Admins and more wine. Quite a bit more actually.
Then in the evening we all caught up with Marian (yeah, you guessed it ... more wine!).
During the evening we Skyped Anna (and Dave). Such fun!
So much of a good time was had that Marian stayed the night.
This morning The Knight is on his way back to Perth because that's where his steel horses live. (It makes sense, it really does.)
Action Man is moving to his new place today. So he's been up since sparrows fart moving stuff.
I've been up since then too because I couldn't sleep - woke up early to say goodbye to The Knight.
Discovered he left his good jeans in Ngakuta and left his jersey on the wrong side of customs. Lucky he got the jersey back! The jeans will still be there when he comes back again. :)

Tuesday October 21 ...
So obviously this was last Weeks blog! And I never pressed post!!

Tomorrow I will be fully internet capable again hoorah!!

As soon as I can I will reply to the person who left a comment about my fake blood recipe... If you're reading this - it doesn't stain concrete but does stain skin and clothing. It also tastes great. 
Wash it off your skin as soon as you can - but even if it stains it won't last long! About as long as food colouring lasts on skin!

I'll be back tomorrow arvo ...
See you all then. :)

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