Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tempting fate ...

This weekend was a bit shit to be honest.
Well, probably more roller coaster like than total shit.

It started badly -with Breezy out on Friday night at a youth group which could've been fun for her ... but due to lack of communication it turned to custard late that night. (Let's not even mention the crazy cult aspect! Don't even go there.)

Saturday was fun - the girls were out with Action Man.
I had Writer's Plot.
Writer's Plot days are always fun. It was Graeme's last WP for a long time ... he's off overseas, and that was kinda sad for us but exciting for him. We'll miss his smile and enthusiasm.

The girls came home wheezing and coughing from a fun trip to the southern coast - you'd think they'd be fine in the sea air ... apparently not - bugger.
That was the end of the fun. Sort of - Cyndi stayed so we still had fun! I introduced her to Keen Eddie.

Breezy needed steroids and The Girl Wonder spent all weekend with her inhaler close by. Except for last night ... she left it on the bench in the kitchen and coughed and coughed and freaking coughed. I found it on the bench just after 1 this morning and gave it to her. Funnily enough she used it - stopped coughing and got some sleep! Nice.

The other stresses this weekend were computer based. The speakers on the PC downstairs died. Then the very next day ... the tower shit itself. Luckily I'd finished creating the cover etc for the recipe book and uploaded everything before the tower had a melt down. It was a quiet meltdown, it simply stopped working. No warning, just dead.

This morning - my laptop did a freaky thing.

It reverted to a brand new clean machine ... nothing freaking there that belonged to me at all. No programs, no files, no images ... clean!!!
There were lots of words said ... a LOT of words were said. I was NOT a happy camper. Still not. Bit scared to turn it off again to be honest.

Had I not been without internet for so long and had the tower not crapped itself I wouldn't have been so upset ... but the computers can't backup when they can't connect to each other or the cloud because there's no WiFi. So grrrrr.

Three reboots later I have almost everything back ... desktop still isn't right, but my files are there, so I don't care.
I've backed everything up manually to the external.
And will copy it all to the old Tower.

Of course the stuff I was working on - on the PC while we had no internet is trapped on the hard drive of the dead tower. God!

Over it!
Up shot is ... I can't do much without the tower - the old PC is too slow and not designed for any sort of graphics manipulation, at all. It barely copes with Word. Needs a helluva lot more ram to be anywhere near useful. BUT ... at least I can catch up on some TV On Demand on that. So, you know, it's not all bad.
Felt pretty bad when I was looking at a clean machine this morning though, I can tell you.

I know The Knight has had a rough couple of days too - beginning to think there's something in the air.

We did have a nice dinner on Sunday night though with The Oracle and The Admins. Much needed catch up really. Champps dinner, lemon drizzle cake, wine, good company - what's not to like?

Monday (was a holiday here) ... I baked for the kids lunches and Breezy hung out with me all day, helping which was nice. Reminded children to use inhalers (constantly).
Had some interesting questions from Miss Breezy which made me laugh a lot.
Got to talk to The Knight for awhile after work which was good. FaceTime even let us both hear and see! Amazing. :)
Considering how anything technology based has gone in the last few days - FaceTime working properly is a bit of a miracle.

In other news ... there really is none. And for that I'm grateful. Enough is enough.

Really need to get back to working on adding detail to psychobyte but I'm kinda nervous about working on the laptop after today.

I just resorted to using 'ctrl f 'to check for a particular curse word which funnily enough starts with f. It doesn't appear in this blog ... which considering the last few days is a bloody miracle. :) (And still I resist - which no doubt will make someone smile!)

Right that's it from me.

Almost ...

There's also this - if you'd like a copy of databyte to review then you're in luck!

Post by Cat Connor.

Have you're all having a better week than me. (That wouldn't be hard!)

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