Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rome wasn't built in a day.

For shits and giggles I'm downloading a trial version of Scrivener this morning. I've heard a lot of good things about it, figured I'd give it ago.
Although - I have to say I don't have any problems with Word 13 and even like it, it's the best of all the builds so far. Been using Word for years upon years, so it's not difficult for me to use at all.

Because I've hit a wall recently - lost my mojo (I guess) - it seemed like a good time to try out new software.

Although in saying that - this morning I've been writing. Found some inspiration last night - kick started a scene that I think belongs somewhere in psychobyte? Yeah, I'll figure out where eventually.

So much shit happened computer wise over the last week that when I opened psychobyte I had no clue where I was or what was missing. The laptop issue caused some big problems ... not a total disaster but getting way up there. {However, the tower failing was a total major disaster. I lost the floor plans for Ellie and Mitch's homes (hours of work) not to mention research, photos, current Word documents that I was working on (and the original files for recipe book and the cover for the recipe book).}
Yeah, not happy.
So anyway, I have to resend psychobyte to my kindle and read it AGAIN so I can work out where I was detail wise and what I'm actually doing. Tiresome.
After a while I get really sick of reading the same damn story over and over.

Not much else happening really.

I can't finish a project that we'd been working on for Writers Plot due to losing the tower and the laptop being utter shite. Hopefully a few of the WPers can finish it off and get the cover sorted.

It's almost the weekend.
Looking forward to sleeping in and not having to do anything. Was up early this morning and had four loads of washing on the line before 8. Nice to get everything out of the way early and to see the sun!

Fireworks thing is on this weekend at the park - that'll be a pain in the ass as usual. Romeo hates the explosions. We won't be going to the display because I can't leave the dog. So the kids can watch from my office window - yes we live that close to the park. (Whether Breezy stays up to watch will depend on her attitude today and tomorrow ... she was good last night and fine this morning, so maybe she's smartened up!)

I should get some more writing done before the painter comes back to sand the plaster ... so noisy here when he was sanding earlier and I still wrote 2 pages ... which if I was in my usual head space would be nothing but because I have barely written for the last month - 2 pages feels huge.

Right time to get more work done before the noise comes back. :)

A little something from Ellie (psychobyte) ...

Rebel Yell

Words bounce from the dark
distorting memories
With a rebel yell ...
silence echoes

His name falls from her lips
twisting thoughts
With a hushed whisper
life echoes

Fear creeps across the floor
edging ever closer
With a rebel yell
death echoes

and there is no more. 

The images below are completely unrelated to the poem!
These are vacation snaps from Ngakuta earlier this month.

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