Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy ...

Morning world.

It's been a bit of a stressful week. But - we now have WiFi again and that equals happy Cat and happy kids.

I'm sitting in my office using my laptop with internet powers for the first time since I created this incredible space just for me. :)
Decided to put my stereo in here too. Makes more sense than leaving it in my room or having it downstairs. I listen to music when I'm working.
Currently listening to the radio - because it's early and I'm not really working yet.

The girls are off to Actionman's for the day today. I've got WritersPlot later. That should be fun as usual. Good to catch up with everyone and see how their 30K challenge is coming.
I've managed very little writing in the last four weeks. Been busy and not internet capable for most of it.
Yesterday I did upload the interior file and cover file for a family recipe book ... so I have done a few things. Hopefully it'll be all good.

Also started re-writing an old book. Bit of fun happening there. Quite enjoying it but was doing it long hand and that started to get a bit painful. Will settle into typing it now I have an idea of how much I'm keeping of the original. It's the story of Cait O'Hare. So kinda interesting for me to revisit.

Also adding detail to scenes in Psychobyte - which I finished writing before I went on holiday. I'm probably about half way through and enjoying tweaking scenes. I read the book while I was away - little bit at a time so had a good idea when I got home of where detail needed to go. I can be pretty lazy when I'm doing the initial writing!

Got notification of a new review for snakebyte yesterday ... I usually don't look. This time I peeked through my fingers until I saw 5 stars and realized it was going to be okay.
And it is. Smiled a lot. :)

It's here ...


Apart from that ... been doing a lot of FaceTiming with The Knight. We had technical issues early in the week/last weekend ... which were annoying but all resolved now. Maybe. Facetime was playing up again last night, at least now we know how to fix it!

The girls have discovered Bob Marley - we found some old cassettes of mine while the moving was happening. The Girl Wonder was quite delighted by 'Buffalo Soldiers' because she knew who they were. Gotta love the education system!
The Girl Wonder is writing a fantasy - it's pretty cool, she's been drawing the characters and some of the scenes. Also - she got an excellence for her creative writing and a high achieved for her formal writing this week. (More credits toward NCEA.)

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