Thursday, September 4, 2014

That thing when ...

One of my favorite characters said something within psychobyte yesterday. It meant I had to research to find out what he was talking about. Not fun research. Five minutes into it I was pretty convinced I could change his mind and should!
Often that's not the easiest thing in the world to do.
There is no changing Ellie's mind within a story - she just does whatever the hell she wants and it's my job to keep up and mostly shut up. (That's not even touching the tip of this particular insanity ... just accept, don't try and figure it out!)
Kurt is different .. more reasonable?
So, after reading screeds of medical text I went, yeah, nah! We're not going down that road in this book. Come up with a new plan.
I knew he was right about this woman being sick though, so that wasn't changing. What had to change was the disease. So I went looking for something else that would fit some of the symptoms he'd noticed. I needed something that gave me more to work with.
I'm happier - I have more leeway with the writing of this character now. She's still going to die and now I can speed that up if required and I have more of an idea how the disease will progress.

Glad I could change it. Was bugging me last night.

There was a poem lurking too, which has something to do with the woman in the story. The whole book has lines of poetry anyway (bit familiar??) yeah but nah! Not an Ellie poem. Not something from Whispers in the Water either. The Unsub in this case is a very creative person whose spiraled out of control. Talk about go to the dark side! He's taken sick to a new level.
This new poem that emerged last night ... it's interesting. I'm not a hundred percent sure where it comes within psychobyte but I know it's something to do with the woman who is sick and also something to do with her son and one of the victims.
It's not the nicest thing I've ever written.
Had to balance it out by re-reading a poem I was writing earlier this year.

It goes a little like this (but it's not finished yet ...)

Across the table sat the boy
His blue eyes missed nothing
A smile lay on his lips

Across the table sat the girl
Her blue eyes watched the boy
A smile upon her lips

From innocence, laughter,
piggy backs on the sand.
Timeless love and ever after
lost within tomorrow's land.

Long goodbyes
surprise hello's
years of wondering
time flowed ...

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