Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday morning, Floor plans, tequila and nail polish,

It's Monday.
It's also 21 days.
As you were.

Last night I realized I screwed up a floor plan. The revelation led me to an idea and the desire to draw up floor plans of all 8 victims houses (so far). Sadly fictional characters don't live in ticky tack boxes ... and when I'm describing so many crime scenes it's good to know the layout of the houses in question without having to think too hard. :) All about making life easier for me. (Because if you've been paying attention at all over the last few years ... it's all about me.)
Once upon a time (in a land far away? yeah nah ... just once upon a time) I had AutoCAD software on my PC. Handy when drafting plans for fictional houses ... but bit of an expensive program to be using for what I need, to be honest.
Now I don't have any design software at all.
So I went looking for some open source CAD software and found QCAD. Had a quick play with it this morning, will sit down and actually use it later on today. Hopefully ... I'll be able to draft the plans I need to enable me to find my way round these houses without getting them confused. Will see if the program works with the drawing tablet because that would be easier than using a mouse.

The weekend was okay.

Bat Girl came home from Dunedin on Friday night so we had a wee drink and a catch up!

Did a fair bit of writing on Saturday morning.
Was netball prize giving in the afternoon. Breezy had fun. Now has her first trophy. She's keen to play again next year.
Managed a little bit of Face Time on Saturday afternoon, so that was fun! Much laughter, as always. And even baby doves!

Talked with Superman yesterday. Love talking to my dad. We'll see him in a few weeks. That'll be good!
Then it was back to writing ... this story is ... screwy. Yeah, that's what it is. Making progress though, I think?
There was a little bit of fun research required yesterday which lead to a couple of awesome little programs (okay maybe they're Trojans ... guess that depends on your point of view?) that I can work into this story - all I need is an email address for one of the Unsub's and we're away laughing. Chances of Ellie finding an email address? Slim to freaking none at the moment ... but give her time, she's a pretty resourceful chick.

What else?
Purple nail polish.
Yep, I like blue and I like purple ... they're my preferred nail polish colors (unless of course I decide to go fluro - then it's PINK). Turns out what looks good when drinking tequila, isn't so flash in the light of day. Who would've seen that coming? Fantastic color though, violet nails ... gotta love it. Sadly I could do better. Will have fix that later today. :)

That might be about it really??

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?

Back to work for me ...

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