Sunday, September 28, 2014

Low battery warning

That works on several levels.

It's Sunday.
I'm leaving tomorrow for Marlborough. Ten days of recharge time coming up!

Today is busy. I need to pack for me. I need to pack for the girls and Romeo (they're going away too, but not with me).

A few things needed finishing before today.

Yesterday I finished psychobyte - it has a beginning, middle, and an ending. It didn't end where I thought it might, and I'm pleased!
To be fair I'm just pleased it's done. For whatever reason it felt like a freaking slow process this time round. Drove me a bit nuts ... but now it's done. And I was right to trust myself not to drop the balls.
Turns out I know what I'm doing. (Sometimes.)

Was a Writer's Plot Saturday yesterday. Much fun. Two challenges completed in one afternoon and I started their 30K October challenge early. I'm not writing for 2 weeks - so I'll catch up when I get home. Because 30K, really isn't much at all. Leon and I can crank that out in fairly short order.
I wore my blue jersey yesterday. (Always feels a bit like I'm wearing a muppet skin when I wear my blue jersey)

This jersey:

It's the sort of jersey that makes people pat me and want to hug me. That can be fun!

Trish wrote a lovely story about my blue jersey for one of the challenges.
Gotta say my WP lot are hilarious and so much fun.

We had a new person yesterday too. Always fun. Hope she comes back. I know we can be a bit intimidating (we don't mean to be). WP really is a safe place.

I suppose I should move my ass.
Have to be somewhere this afternoon ... still have to pack.
Got lots to do today.

So, I'm going to go do it.
I'll see you all in two weeks ...
Until then it'll be radio silence on my blog and website. There maybe the occasional tweet - there will be a couple of Facebook status updates simply because of stuff. Nah. Because my WP girls (Nycki, Cyndi, Shamsi) require a single word/everything's okay status update. So they'll get it.
And also a PRS status. :)

Right ... I'm outta here.
See you when I get back.
I can now relax and let the 'end' of the novel things happen!
Yep, going to go a bit nuts so good I'm not going to be home.


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