Thursday, September 11, 2014


13 years later ...
Doesn't feel like it's been 13 years.
Hard to believe it was 3.5 years ago that I was standing outside the Pentagon reading names. 
Somethings stick with you.

And now on with Thursday's blog.

Last night I went through psychobyte chapter by chapter ... looking for the first mention of coffee in relation to the victims. That wasn't all I was looking for but that was my main focus. I was pretty sure I'd screwed something up. 
I found the reference in chapter 11. A single throw away comment. Easy sorted. I could've removed the comment or added to it. Adding to it, made for greater depth and also (knowing how Ellie operates) adding to it made sense - she wouldn't have missed the smell of coffee. 
Problem solved.
This morning I carried on where I left off last night - reading through each chapter. I was a bit tired last night and fell asleep at chapter 16 - so far there are 27 so I have a wee way to go. Making sure I have all the important points noted in the chapter summaries and also checking on a few details that I may have missed. 
It's been a bit hard to think while writing this book. Harder than it usually is. 
Was talking about that this morning and I'm pretty sure it's because the Unsub is leaving lines from poems at the crime scenes and it reminds me of terrorbyte (the story is nothing like terrorbyte, really) at times ... and that reminds me of Mac and then I start to wonder if someone isn't getting out of this alive. Once that thought materializes writing slows down. Not sure that I want to finish this book if there is the potential for one of Delta to not make it. 
Chances are it won't happen and it's just the poetry which is reminding me a little of terrorbyte. It's not even one of Ellie or Mac's poems ... 
I'll finish the story by Sept 20.
Then I'll know.
And you'll either hate me or not. :)

So, on with the day ... a few more chapters to check then back into writing. 
Yes I should be reading the Sister Mary Margaret stories and writing the final chapter - but - I'm not. Not yet anyway. The formatting is still fucky as hell and therefore won't transition smoothly to my kindle and I can't read on my laptop - it drives me crazy. When I fix the last screwy oddities with the formatting I will read. Then I will write. And then it will be finished! 
But for now ... my work has to come first. 
Getting psychobyte finished before I go down to Ngakuta in a few weeks is a priority. 

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