Friday, August 8, 2014

You wanna make a memory?

When it comes down to it ... that's what life is - a collection of memories.
Good memories ameliorate the bad - so therefore making good memories makes more sense than hanging onto the bad stuff.

Yeah, bit deep for a Friday morning. (No confusion as to what day it is today.)
Moving on.

Last night I fell asleep quite early and slept well. Nice. I needed to sleep.

There is a busy weekend ahead. I'm hoping it'll be good. I certainly intend it to be. Might even get to sleep in a bit on Sunday which would be an okay thing.

Today is #RandomExcerptFriday. Because it is.
So you'll find random excerpts from the Byte Series (and maybe some of the shorts too) over on Facebook.
Went to post an excerpt of killerbyte and discovered I don't have the new file on this computer - nor is it in my email. Must've gotten a bit to carried away emptying my inbox. It happens sometimes.
Luckily it's on a few flashdrives and on my laptop - might said a few choice words had that not been the case.
They also may have fallen from my fingers and I'd get gently reminded about my language ... :)

This morning I'm making a birthday cake. I'm pretty sure I know how to do what I thought I'd like to do for The Oracle (thank you Internet). I am going to need to go get chocolate later though.

The sun just disappeared behind some impressive black clouds. I think the weather is about to cave in.  Bugger!

Have a sick kid on her way home from school again. At least she made it through the morning. That's something. If it wasn't such an important year I would've kept her home. But it is, and she wants to be a vet so she has to get excellent marks!

In other news, Romeo had a friend over for a visit today. He was delighted to see little Bruce.

Suppose I should do some work ...
Books don't write themselves, they don't sell themselves either which is a shame. :)
I really wish they did sell themselves.
The writing bit I enjoy, the other stuff - I have much dislike for.

This ... just because:

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