Friday, August 1, 2014

Yeah really?

Friday night.

Just watched Crisis ... it's moved around so much it's fucking impossible to find on TV. Thanks for that TV3. Turns out it's now on at 11:30 on a Thursday night ... that's a serious WTF time slot.
So watching it online now.
Which is fine, I don't mind watching TV online but I just don't understand the truly fucked weird time slot for such a good show.
It's way up there with trying to get my head around Mark possibly being a bad guy.
Funny thing ... in my world, CIA are the good guys and marines are often the bad guys.
It's just how it is.
So anyway, enjoying Crisis.
Also quite enjoying this Pinot Gris.
Imagine that?

Been a funny old week. Bit stressful. I'm still sick. (Which means I probably shouldn't be enjoying this very nice Pinot Gris but you know what? Fuck it  It's all good.)
The week is now over.
There has been a resolution. Stress has lifted somewhat.
I've finished my Sister Mary-Margaret story and had it edited by The Oracle. (She's an awesome editor but I think she was a wee bit easy on me!) Either way, it's done and gone off to Graeme. This challenge is his baby, so I'm pretty much hands off. Nice!
Now I wait for everyone else to finish their stories so I can write the final chapter. Quite looking forward to being a ghostly nun. Bit different?
Tomorrow is Writer's Plot ... so much joy in that statement. Really. Well, usually, maybe not so much joy tomorrow?
Cyndi suggested poetry.
Yes, yes, we all know I write it sometimes. The thing is ... I don't know much about it. I don't want to know much about it. I know what I like. I know what works for me. That's always been enough. I don't write for other people. I write for me. Selfish? You betcha.
But now ... we're looking at poetry at Writer's Plot.
I had to go learn about meter. (And couplets and other forms of bullshit designed to baffle)
It ended with me describing meter as iambic-go-fuck-yourself.
Yeah it went well?
Actually it kinda did, because I understood it. But I don't like it. Too many rules.
Free verse ... let's go there?
Except sometimes I use iambs and I don't realise it because I write what feels right to me ... without labels.
So that's tomorrow. Labelling me? No, poetry writing. Fun.
Massive groan happening inside my head right now.
Maybe I'll channel Ellie and arrived armed?? So tempting. You have no idea.

Apart from that ... we will do some mega fun half hour challenges. As long as I come up with a topic or two. Last time I put Leon on the spot ... but his 'plane crash last thoughts' suggestion netted some great paragraphs. Of course I spent the whole half hour distracting a few people with the 'sexaurus' I was reading. You did read that right. A thesaurus for writing filth. Actually not just filth but romance. It was fun.

The Girl Wonder just said "Mark Valley does stand-up, why did I not know this?"
Ahh, because you don't listen?
She's now watching him on Youtube, laughing. And here come the quotes ... "Be yourself unless you're an asshole, then be someone else."

So now she's saying Mark should do some stuff with Jeff Dunham.
Pretty scary that I can imagine how it would go.
Now that would be some funny shit.

I should probably not have another glass of Pinot.
Just a thought. :)

I need a nutler ...

Edited/redacted on 4/08/14
because ... Geoff. :)

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