Sunday, August 31, 2014

Waking up with a scene in my head

Not once during the night but twice.
Same dream scene.
Figuring it's something that had to be written, I have done so.
Happy now.

It's a pretty great scene, was a REALLY awesome dream. :)
I might share it.
Or not.

It's now become part of psychobyte. Because really, it's too good not to include.

For now, I'll have another coffee and think about the day.
Last night I went to bed at 7pm. Yep, that's right. I was knackered.
Woke every couple of hours but not for long. Mostly just long enough to use my inhaler and go back to sleep. Bad night for asthma last night. Welcome to early spring in the valley!
Not great today either but at least I'm not tired now and that's good.

Yesterday was a Writer's Plot Saturday. So much fun.
Hanging out with an awesome bunch of people.
We went back through notes from the beginning of WP yesterday - character creation stuff. Was fun.
That reminds me I set homework. Off the top of my head ...
I think I said every one needed to create a character and bring either a few paragraphs showing that character or a character bio along next time??
Pretty sure someone would've written it down. (Caro?)
We also went back over plot and formatting yesterday too.
Working through the early stuff.

Will be reading the Sister Mary-Margaret stories soon ... just waiting for Graeme to re-send them not in a zipped file. :) Then I'll write the final chapter and it'll be done, bar the editing and time line stuff that Graeme will do.
Can't wait to see how we've approached Sister Mary-Margaret as individuals and how it all comes together as a book!

I took a few photos yesterday and was going to share them here ... but it turns out I can't access them from my laptop any more. Breezy has my old phone and wouldn't ya know it, photos she's taken are auto updating to G+ not the photos from my new phone. Interesting. Pretty sure I switched everything over. Might need to investigate that!!

But I did scroll through and find some photos that made me smile an awful lot and a screen shot of the best poem ever. Not sharing that. That was for me. :)

So, no pictures for ya'll today.


Edited to add this screen shot, because it amused me.

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