Monday, August 11, 2014

The weekend just gone ...

Was a pretty good weekend.
Bugger all work got done (okay, none, there was really no work happening at all). That's okay. I've been doing stuff I hate for the last 3 hrs this morning, it's definitely work and not the fun kind ... must be time for a cuppa and some real writing?

My heads a bit achy now. I think it's a direct result of the number of times I closed the wrong freaking tab this morning. Yeah the air was blue. Ya get that after acts of sheer stupidity. :)

So, the weekend ...
Special Tactics/Fast Roping/50th Anniversary of the AOS

Special Tactics/distraction/50th Anniversary of the AOS

It was freezing cold but sunny over at the Police College on Saturday afternoon.
We had fun.
Breezy enjoyed the Police dogs. (As she would.)

I enjoyed the whole thing. Lot's of weapons, explosions (what's not to like?), a hostage rescue scenario, police dogs doing what they do best, helicopters. Big fun.

Much awesome.

Then Sunday ... well that was The Oracle's birthday afternoon tea.
She had a lovely afternoon. Which is the important thing.

The Oracle cutting her crone cake

Apart from the AOS and a birthday - the weekend was peppered with accidental phone calls and also accidental hang ups both made me laugh. FYI Viber can be tricky! (Who knew? I do now ... )

Breezy had some fun with my phone (when I wasn't receiving accidental calls from The Knight or accidentally hanging up!), there are an awful lot of photos of me from yesterday. More than I realised at first!
She did take a nice pic of me and the big guy.

me and Romeo Aug 10 2104

He's getting old. Romeo be 8 next month.
It's raining, he wanted to go outside, he's now unhappy being wet. Rain is not as much fun as splashing in the sea apparently ... :)

Well, I think that was the weekend.

Now maybe some writing will happen. After I've had a coffee. Yeah, I need a coffee.

Hope you all had a good weekend. :)

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