Monday, August 18, 2014

Ruby Tuesday

Yeah not the restaurant/bar ... the song.

Listening the Flowers album. Haven't heard any where near enough Stones lately.

Fabulous quantity (and quality) of work happened here this morning - might have also gotten a bit steamy. Ellie obviously needed some stress relief. :)

Yesterday involved a lot of research, mostly quick stuff, just checking facts that I kinda knew but needed to verify ... it was an on going thing all afternoon. None of it was explosive based so not that much fun. This isn't an explosive book (not like databyte and eraserbyte). Sooner or later I will have to look at knives for this book. I'm not sure yet what type of knife the Unsub is using. I know it's not a KA-BAR but beyond that, clueless. It might even be several knives. It probably is.

My big notebook is getting full and extremely dog-earred. It happens. This story is growing like topsy.
I might be lurking in the vicinity of the middle of the story ... maybe. It's hard to know ... when I get to the end I'll let you know if this was the middle. :)

My Girl just came on and the volume just went way up.
Breezy used to love this song when she was a baby.

Mother's Little Helper ... 

Moving on.

Wanna see a little bit of what I've been doing?
Yeah, nah, maybe?

Psychobyte  - excerpt
Walking in Memphis

Mitch caught my hand at the front door. I turned into him. His kiss igniting a fire I knew would never go out.
“Go easy out there today, El,” Mitch said looking deep into my eyes. “You sure you’re okay?”
I smiled. I’m not at all sure and that wasn’t something I wanted to get into just yet.
“It’s a shitty case, Mitch. I’ll be glad when it’s over.”
“There’s nothing more to it? This isn’t something about the wedding?”
“God no. I’m looking forward to our wedding, to us, to our life.”
His head nodded just a little as he leaned in and kissed me again. Stoking the fire inside.
“Take it easy. We’ve got a honeymoon coming up …”
Take it easy. Mitch’s code for don’t get shot.
“I’ll see you later. Have a good day.”
I ran across the yard and climbed into the black Suburban parked at the curb.
Twenty minutes later I pulled in behind another black Suburban and unclicked my seatbelt.
“You’re sure this is the same?” I asked Kurt who waited on the curb as I opened my door.
“Yes,” he replied. “Welcome to the fifth Fairfax crime scene.”
“We got ourselves a busy little Unsub,” I said looking around. “Where are Sam and Lee?”
“Back at the office.”
“Whose car?” I asked, waving a finger at government car I noticed in front of Kurt’s car. 
“Medical Examiner, I think,” he said. “Let’s go. Come on.”
I bristled. “Don’t rush me. It’s not like the victim is going anywhere.”
Kurt stopped, his right eyebrow rose. “What was that?”
“Don’t rush me.” I adjusted my tone, less snappy more explanatory. “Let me get a feel for the area, please.”
He held up his hands and took a step back. “In your own time Conway.” A smile crept into his voice. “You just let me know when you’re ready to proceed.”
“Yeah yeah.”
Standing for a few minutes in the cool morning air I absorbed the energy from the street. It felt like a nice place to live. The neighbors would probably change their minds about that once they heard about the murder.

We gloved up and covered out shoes with disposable booties before entering the apartment. Kurt led the way to the bathroom. I was beginning to dislike bathrooms.

* * *

So there ya go, a little bit from today. 

The weekend was good (almost forgot we just had a weekend!). 
Friday night - Admins came for dinner. I made pizza. Admin Bubbles has a cute boss (she said that) - I might have Facebook stalked him a wee bit. hahaha. We also drank a lot and spent some time on a website containing toys. Such fun. 
Writer's Plot on Saturday, fantastic fun as always. Brian was great and everyone enjoyed listening to him. He fitted right in, which I thought he would. 
The photo thing ... not so great. I'm not a fan of photos. Photoshop yes, photos no. :)

Got a bit of Face Time this weekend. 
Loving technology at the moment. Just loving it.
Also loving my new phone. So very much.
I get the Apple thing now, I really do. I don't see me ever going back now. Apple ... it is. (edited)

Just ordered a waterproof case, so that should be here tomorrow. Won't have to worry about the rain and my phone getting wet. Yay. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if I didn't have my hands in my pockets so much ... water runs down my sleeves and into my pockets. I'm obviously not going to take my hands out of my pockets any time soon (been walking around like that for YEARS) so waterproofing my phone is the sensible option.

So that's you lot up to date, kinda, as much as you're gonna be anyway.
I shall now scour this post for naughty words ... then hit publish. :)

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