Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lost Highway

No prizes for guessing what I'm listening to.

It's been a pretty good week so far. Made it to Thursday (yeah I checked it was Thursday).
Crisis is on tonight at stupid o'clock (and I'll be asleep), so I'll watch it tomorrow.

David is picking me up this morning, we're going out for coffee. Breezy reminded me to take his books. She's more effective than a reminder on my phone. (Can't turn her off.)

The Girl Wonder (formerly known as WeatherGirl formerly known as Squealer but never known as Prince) is sick. I was sick for a week or so, so no surprise that she is now.

There's some writing that wants to happen ... that's a very good thing.
And it would be best if I got on with it before I get lost in the twists of this story - it feels like that could be a possibility. Not surprising, it's one twisty freaking story. (Not as bad as Flashbyte ... I doubt I'll ever write another Flashbyte, that was a total mind fuck.)
I've been looking at gun concealment furniture. It's seriously cool and will be in this book. There was something that had potential to be a very real safety issue and this furniture solves that problem and keeps Ellie's weapons accessible. Mitch will be okay with that. I hope. :)
No I'm not telling you what. You'll have to wait.

It has something to do with this though:
psychobyte excerpt: 
Bed of Roses

Kurt tapped my shoulder. I followed him out of earshot.
“What do you see?”
“What makes you think I saw something?”
Kurt sighed. “If you didn’t see something then we’re going to talk about what the hell that was back there …”
Wasn’t the first time I'd wondered what happened outwardly when I had my little chats with Chance?
“What’d it look like?”
“It looked like it always does. Like you’ve zoned out. And that’s not what happened, is it?”
I shook my head.
“Chance happened. He said Wills and his friend know something about our case but they don’t know they know. He said not to let them go.”
Kurt’s head shook. “We can hold them – stolen cars.”
“I know.”
I just didn’t know what questions to ask to get the information we needed from them, yet.
“I’ll talk to the cop, let’s have them escorted to our office. They can wait for us there,” Kurt said.
“Okay, you do that.” Grey edged into my vision. Dizziness took hold. Fighting it took energy, more energy than I had. “I’m going back to the car.”
As I turned everything in front of me disappeared leaving light grey fog and no clear path. Two words tumbled over the grey and fell at my feet. They could’ve come from me.
“Not good.”
Another word pushed the first two out of the way.
I held up my hand and took a breath. The grey wobbled. Lightning flashed. Mitch’s face flew into view inside my head and settled. A green button and red button glowed underneath his image. Unaware if I my hand really moved or not I swiped the green button letting him into my consciousness.
Kurt broke through before Mitch could talk to me.
My eyes closed. Mitch spoke. “Answer Kurt, El.”
No words came. Thoughts smashed into the static image of Mitch and slid down the screen. All of a sudden he wasn’t static. His hand reached out and took mine.
It took me a few minutes to get my bearings once my eyes opened. I was in Kurt’s car. He was behind the wheel, angled toward me. His arm on the back of my seat.
“Welcome back,” he said. “You all right?”
“I think so.”
“Any pain?”
“What was that?” His eyes never left mine. “Walk me through what happened.”
I searched for words that wouldn’t cause concern. There were none. Dammit. Opening my mouth was going to start a storm.
Mitch spoke clearly in my head, “Just say it, El. Not saying anything is just as bad.”
Just say it.
“I felt like I was going to pass out. The ‘whole world starting to turn grey’ thing happened,” I said.
Kurt nodded. “You did pass out.”
Well that's new.
“This is not pleasing me. You sure you have no pain?” Kurt's words were laced with concern.
“Yep, I’m positive. I don’t think it was a migraine,” I said, pretty sure it was nothing more than lack of sleep and hoping my voice conveyed the insignificance of what'd happened.
“Nor do I. Could've been a seizure.”
“A what now?” I shook my head. “No.”
No. That thought was enough to unhinge me. I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him about the lightning flashes in my head or seeing a phone screen that allowed Mitch access to my mind.

“Conway …”

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