Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hot Stuff

Random blog title ... not.
Listening to the Stones.

Yesterday was a 6k day.
3k of those happened in an hour.

Today my brain is pretty much broken. Send help!!

So instead of working today ... because that would've sunk me and also the writing would've been shite ... I went out for hot chocolate (not coffee) with Cyndi, Shamsi, Mike, and Graeme. So much fun. Laughter is a good thing, even with a migraine.

I did post a wee excerpt from yesterdays work on Facebook.
Was a fun scene to write ... anytime the walls pulsate it's fun. Just go with it.

Todayy has been quietish. Not doing a lot. Apart from breathing in a lot of migraine synergy.
Best not to push it. Would like to be pain free tomorrow so I can enjoy the Poetry thingy at the library tomorrow night.

Pretty exciting that 2 Writer's Plotters are in the finals of the poetry competition!! So proud of Cyndi and Caro!

Next year I think we should all enter. Maybe. I just don't like the thought of reading my poetry out loud to strangers, well, anyone really. Superman would quite like it if I did. He likes my poetry.

The weather has now turned to utter rubbish, just in time for the walk to school. Typical. :)

On that note I better go get the small one.

Edited to include this: The things you say A poem written about The Girl Wonder when she was 3 and read by my wonderful friend @LatteJunkieNZ for @PoetryNightNZ

This is kinda how I feel today ....

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